Philip Haney, Israeli operative, fake whistleblower and Deep State shill kills himself

Who was this guy?  First of all, he wasn’t a whistleblower.  Haney pushed coverups of 9/11, of torture and rendition and blew the whistle on real whistleblowers.  Haney was a snitch and backstabber, an advocate of mass surveillance, of racism, of zionism and bigotry.

Haney made things up, published them through despicable zio-rags and was a shameless self promoter and fabricationist.

He killed himself.

He won’t be missed.

Do this, find every site that calls him an “Obama whistleblower” and you will find the organs of disinformation of the Deep State.

He was no one at all and now he is gone but someone needs to be sure.  Things like this sometimes return from the dead.  I might suggest ways of dealing with this, starting with an extremely deep burial after incineration.

Holy water might work.

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