Photoshopping ph-ail: Nikon retracts prize for altered image

It wasn’t long before photography enthusiasts carried out basic checks on the image and drew attention to the blunder.

A simple modification of levels in Photoshop was enough to expose the shot’s rough editing.

Nokia Singapore awarded Yu Wei a prize for this image of a plane perfectly framed between the side rails of a rooftop ladder.

As it turns out, the fortuitous placement of the plane between the ladder’s railings was too good to be true.

Nikon has since removed the post from their Facebook page and issued an apology “for the oversight on our part”.

Nikon also used the apology to praise the images that had appeared online to mock their decision, saying: “It’s with joy that we acknowledge that the global photography and image community is alive and thriving.”

The internet is never short of those with a sense of humor, and they’ve been having a lot of fun with Yu Wei’s image.

After his actions had been exposed, the photographer took to Instagram to apologize, saying he had made a mistake in submitting the image to the competition and “by not keeping it to Instagram”.

“I meant it as a joke and I’m really sorry to Nikon for disrespecting the competition. It is a mistake and I shouldn’t have done that,” he said. “This is my fault and I sincerely apologize to Nikon, to all Nikon Photographers, and to the photography community as general.”

Hello everyone, This goes out to everyone who has seen my Chinatown plane post. I’m sorry! This is going to be quite a read so that’s the first thing I would like you to read if you don’t have time to read below; I would like to apologize for the mistake I have done. I’ve been quiet so far because I’ve been trying to contact Nikon and have been waiting for them to contact me back to discuss about this. I understand that what I would say might affect Nikon’s brand hence I decided to wait for their advice. However, since more than 24 hours have passed and I have not managed to have discussions with Nikon, I think I shouldn’t wait and it’s important for me to come out to address this issue. Like one user commented, I was on a photo walk in Chinatown and I chanced upon that set of ladders. I snapped a picture of it, and subsequently felt that a plane at that spot would make for an interesting point of view. Hence, I inserted the plane with PicsArt and uploaded it to Instagram. That’s how I use Instagram, sometime it’s to showcase the work I’m proud of, sometimes just to have fun. This case, that small plane was just for fun and it was not meant to bluff anyone. I would have done it with photoshop if I really meant to lie about it, but no, it was a playful edit using the PicsArt app and uploaded to Instagram. When my friends commented with some questions, I also answered it jokingly, saying it’s the last flight of the day and saying it was my lucky day that I did not wait too long. At that time, of course everyone who read it took it as a joke, before this issue arrived and it is taken seriously. However, I made a mistake by not keeping it to Instagram as a casual social media platform. I crossed the line by submitting the photo for a competition. I meant it as a joke and I’m really sorry to Nikon for disrespecting the competition. It is a mistake and I shouldn’t have done that. I also shouldn’t have jokingly answered Nikon that I caught the plane in mid-air and should have just clarified that the plane was edited in using PicsArt. This is my fault and I sincerely apologise to Nikon, to all Nikon Photographers, and to the photography community as general.

A photo posted by Yu Wei (@yuuuuuwei) on Jan 30, 2016 at 5:06am PST

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