Pierre Elliot Trudeau – CSIS Destroyed His Security File


June 24, 2019

ghoulishpet.jpgThe file would have become available to the public in
September next year on the 20th anniversary of his death. CSIS, (Canadian Security & Intelligence Service) claimed the files for Trudeau, and former Prime Ministers Lester Pearson and John Diefenbaker were destroyed in the interests of “privacy” and because the RCMP had been “too zealous” in the cold war environment. All three Prime Ministers were Freemasons.  All intelligence agencies work for the Rothschilds, not the national governments who fund them.
gouzenko.jpgLiving in hiding, Gouzenko warned that Trudeau would become another Castro and turn Canada into another Cuba. He reminded Canadians that despite being Justice Minister, PET had been barred from the US as a Communist. He said PET’s ideas were borrowed from Mao and Lenin. His academic writings were all pro-Communist. He threatened to withhold nickel from the US because of the Vietnam War.
margie.jpg(Margaret Trudeau’s face says it all)
Mankind is held captive by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, based on Cabalist Judaism. Their aim is to enslave and exploit society by corrupting and degrading it. This is the logic behind endless wars, growing wealth disparity, gratuitous migration and mainstreaming gender and sexual dysphoria. Their main instruments are Freemasonry and Organized Judaism. They control all major social institutions, especially government, media, education, the legal system, corporations, religion.
jackboot.jpgThe mainspring of their power is the central banking system. “Money” is a mental concept that only becomes real when translated into a product or service. They create it out of nothing as a debt to themselves with the backing of their shills in government. I suspect that we, our families and property are collateral.

Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/06/Pierre%20Elliot%20Trudeau-Why-They-Destroyed-His-File%20.html

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