Plague spread by Jews

Plague spread by Jews

The Black Plague killed 2/3 Christian Europeans Equating to more European deaths than all world wars combined. In the first case of mass biological warfare Jews “Poisoned the Wells” resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths.

Rabbis confesses to their crimes and Jews were massacred and expelled from vast swaths of European lands for hundreds of years.

>1664 Charles II gives Jewish merchants the right to live and trade in London.
>1665 Great Plague arrives in London


1278 English “Jews” arrested for coin chipping

1290: King Edward I banishes Jews 1657 Oliver Cromwell (financed by Dutch Ashkenazi bankers) allows “Jews” to return

1664 Charles II gives Jews right to live & trade in London

1665 Plague

1666 Fire

1688 Glorious Revolution

Jew author – Arthur Koestler stated that a Tartar captain catapulted dead bodies with the plague onto European shores, thus spreading the disease.

Nations didn’t just blame the Jews, they were justified in blaming the Jews. But the Jews were expelled hundreds of times and not killed. So the authorities were not as harsh as the Jews keep whining about.

The Hidden Cult The Jewish Ritual Murder

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  1. reynolds says:

    THE JEW CONTINUES TO DENY EVERYTHING, so much so, that to many they seem to somehow persuade everyone that they are poor persecuted souls. In fact, according to some sources, they were EXPELLED over 1,030 times! NOT KILLED, BUT EXPELLED by disbelieving authorities of the evil they were capable of. Don’t believe me? Try reading straight from the horses mouth – the Talmud.
    Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts – Rense

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