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Prevent Aging | 4 Eating Mistakes that Lead to Aging

Anthony Gucciardi
June 3, 2012

lablecheck 210x131 Prevent Aging | 4 Eating Mistakes that Lead to AgingCan what you eat actually prevent aging? Nutrition is  integral not only in maintaining internal health, but in creating a healthy outward appearance as well. With a major study proving that nutrition improves looks more than makeup and expensive surgeries, it is becoming increasingly evident that diet is the number one factor when it comes to halting age-related changes. Whether it be aesthetic changes, or strengthening internal arteries, there are many ways to prevent aging naturally and subsequently ensure that your age does not take a toll on your body. Here are 4 common eating mistakes that lead to negative symptoms oftentimes associated with aging.

Prevent Aging Mistake #1: Failing to consume B vitamins

Vitamin B12 is essential for optimum energy levels, and aside from supplementation, can only be found in meat products. For vegetarians, liquid B12 (much better for absorption for this particular vitamin) should be on the daily supplementation list. In addition to aiding in energy levels, vitamin B12 supports healthy brain, metabolism, and nervous system function. Supplementing with B12 or consuming meat products containing B12 will revive energy levels, and help to maintain the body’s natural processes.

Mistake #2: You’re not getting enough manganese and copper

Manganese and copper are rarely even mentioned when it comes to supplementation. In addition to preventing joint pain, these two essential nutrients are also responsible for maintaining joint cartilage and flexibility. Supplementing with manganese and copper may help you continue exercising and stretching daily — pain free.

Mistake #3: Avoiding healthy fats

Omega-3 fats are essential for brain health. As a part of your brain’s building blocks, a lack of omega-3′s leads to decreased memory and brain function.

Mistake #4: Consuming packaged foods over whole

Processed foods, aside from containing high fructose corn syrup and a variety of other toxic additives, do not contain enough potassium. This leads to high blood pressure, and subsequent health ailments. Prepare your meals on your own, and stick to high quality organic foods. Follow these steps and you may be presently surprised at how much of an integral role these foods play in the fight against aging.

Additional sources:

Prevention Magazine

540x80 papaya leaf extract Prevent Aging | 4 Eating Mistakes that Lead to Aging

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