Primitive Baboon Dianne Abbott Calls for Dark-Skinned Unity Against White People

Someone call the zookeeper, a rabid baboon is on the loose.

Jesus Christ, look at that nose and lips.

She’s giving King Kong a run for his money.

Britons are in grave danger with a wild ape like Dianne Abbott on the streets. Eating white people is her specialty.

In that clip she called for racial unity between ‘people of color’ against white people who she claimed were trying to divide and conquer browns. Imagine if a politician had said that in reverse, that POCs were trying to divide and conquer whites and that whites need to stand together against the POCs.


A white person is not even allowed to see race without being labeled a racist, but the privileged POCs can explicitly call for a POC race war against whites and nothing happens to them.

We all understand why that is.

That cartoon is a little inaccurate actually. A more realistic interpretation would show the black man raping the white woman with the Jew smirking and cackling in his chair.

Dianne Abbott is a negroid race warrior and hustler in Britain’s anti-white Labour Party, formerly headed by dhimmi slave Jeremy Corbyn. Her only political proposal during her decades long career has been to transfer all of the wealth of white people to brown people and to legislate Brown Power.

Abbott was the first ever baboon to be elected to public office on a ticket of devouring white people.

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One Response to “Primitive Baboon Dianne Abbott Calls for Dark-Skinned Unity Against White People”

  1. Anon says:

    The Jew PROFITED from slavery (as told here in their own words)and blamed the Whites. And the Jew OWNED the plantations as well as the slave ships. THAT’S A FACT. But they still OWN THE NEGRO by controlling them through CORE and NAACP etc. The Jew has exercised TOTAL CONTROL over the Blacks.

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