Pro-Abortion Satanists Shout Down Christians On College Campuses

I’d venture to say that the vast majority of college students in the US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe are abortion-loving satanists.

Just look at these freaks. They all look completely unhinged and mentally ill. All they can do is try to shut down any speech that doesn’t conform with their satanic values. They scream vulgarities, cry, spit, hiss and holler, call the police, and commit violence against the rational people opposing abortion.

They are resolutely committed to murdering any offspring that they may have so they can go on living a life of sin and harlotry.

They worship decadence, perversion, smut and death. These are practitioners of witchcraft and satanic animal sacrifice.

These people are satanic demons and it’s no surprise that they’re all college students.

Universities today program young people to be satanic, to love death, to hate life and to engage in every imaginable perversion, all in the pursuit of pleasure and dopamine release.

Notice how they’re all completely and utterly impervious to logic, reason and facts. They run away from debate because they lose every time. All they have is violence and intimiation.

They are death.

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