Pro-White Pervert Dismantled

Some of you may have had the misfortune of being familiar with this repulsive and fat-headed user on Bitchute who goes by the name “Muh Fashy Bookshelf.” He interviewed James Mason recently. Other questionable figures he has interviewed include ex-white nationalist “Black Nazis” author Veronika Kuzniar and Grindr Greg Johnson, just to name a few. This perverted, intellectual flyweight also acts as if the entire world revolves around him by telling his audience they should “do something” while whining in front of a camera for 15 minutes and expressing his love for Jewish pedophile Woody Allen’s films on top of it. Even promoting this (((Pink Swastika))) book months ago, calling the brownshirts a bunch of sodomites and then walking back from it in a later video by putting on a cheap looking “National Socialist” shirt. In that very same video (April 20th) he mentions not begging for money, but then shills for his Paypal towards the end.

Then you have his promotion of white terrorism. Expressing his admiration for Dylann Roof and promoting the mischling nationalist Harold Covington quite a bit (for more info on that go to as well as political prisoner Matt Hale’s comments on it). Not to mention his flip-flopping on what he terms the “Wigger Waffen”. Going from “I’ll never become one of those mask wearing faggots” and praising Sinead’s expose of Mason as a pedophile, to wearing the skull mask a few months later saying “I can LARP too you know,” as well as interviewing Mason on top of it. More proof of his idiocy is him making a video mistitled “Incessant Bastard Syndrome” (actually Instant Bastard Syndrome, referenced in Siege) where he dismisses anyone who has told the truth about his disturbing nature as such.

As for “LARPing” (which he says several times in just about all of his videos due to having a limited vocabulary), this mentally handicapped, conceited hypocrite constantly tells his audience why he’s a “radical traditionalist” while writing garbage “poetry” like this:

Screenshot (103).png

He thinks he’s the next Charles Bukowski (another mischling that he often promotes by the way), while really sounding like a depressed 14 year old with a porn addiction.

This guy also intensely has a grudge against women. He threatened one with “duct tape on a Friday night” with acoustic GTA music in the background in a well-circulated voice clip on Terrorgram. He even blames them for losing his job frequently. Another thing that deserves scrutiny is his association with this mongrel imposter “Shiksa” who would send the Alphabet boys after people.

Another instance of “LARPing” is how he plays this pseudo-tough guy (also pseudo-intellectual) character of speaking in a fake Rocky Balboa voice while really sounding like his hero Woody Allen. He also flip-flops between being a Pagan and a Catholic. An example of such an embarrassing flop is him having on E Michael “race isn’t real, Nazi Hunter” Jones and asking him about his “No Pullout Nationalism”. If you look at Jones’s face throughout the interview, he’s unfazed by his weak attempts to sound clever and looks back at him as if he’s speaking to a four year old.

He seems to have an endless stream of cash to buy cheap shirts and $100 books (most of which he doesn’t read, shocker), despite seemingly having a wife and kids (he allegedly feeds them McDonalds aka poison in a bag every day). More “LARPing” from an egocentric meathead like him despite always claiming to be for the “collective”.

Then you have his drug obsession. Even his own “poetry” gives you only a glimpse inside of his unsettling, stomach-churning head: He also pushes more drug-crazed propaganda like Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich in an earlier video. There is also his promotion of a book entitled “Dora: A Headcase” with a giant blue pill on the cover, neing about a lesbian relationship and having several (((Freudian))) references within it.

Finally, you have his worship of Louis “whites were made by an evil scientist named Yakub” Farrakhan. Just more evidence of his wiggerness (“sup goice”), despite claiming to always be against them, while doing forced-looking Roman salutes at the beginning and being littered with trashy tattoos. Along with seemingly being unable to go 10 minutes without blowing vape smoke (always doing it in the beginning or halfway).

Knowing how this scum is, he will probably spin this and try using ad-hominem attacks against my claims while obfuscating his undeniably questionable character. I’m convinced this guy is either an infiltrator willingly pushing a self-destructive lifestyle to debase the standards of the nationalist sphere; or he’s just an idiot with a God complex that has nothing better to do with his empty, drug-induced life than to fulfill a Hollywood stereotype of “white nationalists” looking animalistic and dumb.

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