Problem, Reaction, Solution: US Bait Arrives in Idlib, ISIS Now in Position

ISIS Flag in Syria

ISIS Flag in Syria

21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley has reported from Syria that ISIS has moved into Idlib, arriving in the city of Jisr Al Shughour which is close to the border of Latakia:

This is the ‘carte blanche’ U.S. forces need to muscle into Idlib on the back of their self-styled mandate for occupying Syria which is to “Fight ISIS.” Recent statements from the U.S. about possibly intervening in Idlib may have alluded to this very possibility. Such a move by U.S. would exacerbate an already tense situation between the Syrian and Russian coalition at attempting to liberate the province from its al-Qaeda led terrorist occupation. The US have also deployed a detachment of combat Marines into Syria this week. Add to this, a confused Turkey who is torn between the rebel-terrorists groups it’s been hosting and supporting for the last 7 years and wanting to also eliminate any Kurdish opposition in northern Syria – while trying to maintain a respectable face with its Astana and NATO partners.

A staged chemical stunt may not be needed by the US to intervene in Idlib, if instead ‘ISIS’ becomes the US imperative, thus using the cut-out bait terror group to justify the ongoing US disruption and illegal ‘train and equip’ operations in Syria. As long as ISIS fighters are there, so are U.S. forces – such is official Washington’s public-facing policy.

All of the outrage about an “impending massacre” in Idlib may also be a ploy so Turkey and the U.S. can both move in to take up positions and thus allowing al-Qaeda/ Nusra and other terrorists to extend their occupation of key parts of the province – which will of course only extend the war, along with both U.S. and Turkish illegal occupations in Syria.

Watch this space…

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