Proposed Arizona amendment could target critics of Israel

@Ossinev, thanks for the link to Deborah Maccoby’s piece on Dr. Finkelstein’s blog, which had passed me by. I agree with you about the unfortunate, long-term, popular reaction to the domestic intercessions of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and other establishment UK Jewish organisations on behalf of the Zionist state: “If things here are too tough for your taste, eff off and make your precious Aliyah!” Perhaps the BoD and its fellows should return to their “knitting”, which is admirably articulated in the BoD’s own mission statement (emphasis mine):
“The Board of Deputies of BRITISH JEWS exists to promote and defend the religious and civil liberties of BRITISH JEWRY. For over 250 years the Board of Deputies of BRITISH JEWS has been at the forefront of safeguarding JEWISH LIFE IN THE UK.
“As the community’s democratically elected cross-communal organisation, the Board connects with government, media and wider society, providing a unique means through which all BRITISH JEWS can be heard and represented.
“The Board works at the heart of BRITISH JEWISH life, successfully representing every part of our community, from across the religious spectrum, on a broad range of issues and concerns; responding to growing challenges and providing a central voice for all BRITISH JEWS.
“A comprehensive degree of representation is achieved by bringing together elected representatives, the Deputies, from numerous Synagogues, community organisations and charities. Our dedicated professional staff support the Deputies and both advise on and help formulate policy, whilst maintaining contacts in government, with other faith communities and beyond.
“This proven structure, together with our accessibility to unaffiliated members of the public, gives every BRITISH JEW a voice, regardless of age, gender or religious involvement.”

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