Puppy Resembling Walking Skeleton Devours Food While Talking and Wagging His Tiny Tail

I don’t think there is a sadder sight than that of helpless animals struggling to fend for themselves in a world where not many hear their cries for help.

Some kind-hearted people spotted a poor dog that was all skin and bones. They knew that if they didn’t alert a rescue organization as soon as possible, the dog would likely die of starvation.

When rescuers arrived, they were saddened by the dog’s condition so they rushed to give him some yummy dogie food that he was more than happy to accept. Little did this soul know that the encounter with these people who approached him would lead to the start of his new life.

It’s probably been a while since this sweet dog wagged his tail, but now, he will do that every day.

Once at the vet’s, it was determined the dog had fleas and ticks all over his body. He needed antibiotics, vaccines, and IV hydration. With the small donations they get from kind citizens, the Stray Dog Cha-am managed to pay for his treatments.

With the love and the affection he received from the people who saved him, the dog recovered in around two months time after which he was adopted by a family from Canada that stumbled upon his photos and his story.

We are very happy that this dog’s life changed for the best, but we feel very sad because of the fact that there are plenty of other dogs who are in need of salvation on the streets. Many never get the help and their lives end in misery. But we as humans can do much for them if we decide not to overlook them and lend them a helping hand instead.

To see this dog’s incredible rescue, scroll to the video below.

Source Article from https://weloveanimals.me/puppy-resembling-walking-skeleton-devours-food-while-talking-and-wagging-his-tiny-tail/

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