Quds Day symbol of Muslims’ perseverance, unity, empathy in defending Islamic ideals

The text of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s message is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Faithful and revolutionary nation of Iran

Holding the ceremony for defending the oppressed people of Palestine on the last Friday of Ramadan is a good tradition named Quds Day, and is the symbol of the perseverance, unity and empathy of Muslims in defending Islamic ideals.

Inspired by this movement, you, the intelligent people of Iran, inspired by the ideals of the revolution and Imam Khomeini’s emphasis on supporting the oppressed nations of the world, especially the defenseless people of Palestine, have always been the pioneers and sources of enlightenment movements, and until the day your hearts are linked to the sea of ​​Islamic and revolutionary teachings, the fight against the oppressors and the defense of the oppressed will continue, because this passion and will are rooted in the inspiring school of Ashura.

On International Quds Day this year, although due to the current situation and the need to observe health protocols and maintain public health, it is not possible to hold this ceremony in person in defense of the rights of the Palestinian people, what is important is the depth and meaning of the Palestinian cause, and fills the hearts of the usurpers of the first qibla of the Muslims with horror.

I honour this unity of the people on this important day, especially at this critical juncture when the Global Arrogance is intending to discourage the nation and create an obstacle to the realisation of our national and Islamic ideals by a chain of its inhumane sanctions and economic warfare. I call on all people from various backgrounds to display unity and reaffirm the unchangeable principle of “Al-Quds, the capital of Palestine”. Undoubtedly, the final victory is for the warriors and the patient.

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

Source Article from https://theiranproject.com/blog/2020/05/22/quds-day-symbol-of-muslims-perseverance-unity-empathy-in-defending-islamic-ideals/

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