ran calls on US to stop causing unrest in region, leave Iraq

MNA –  The spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry on Wednesday called for the US to stop seeking unrest and instability in the Middle East and pull out its military forces from Iraq.

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi called on the US to respect the demands of the Iraqi nation and leave the country before Iraqis expelled American forces.

“While the UN General Secretary and the international bodies urge all warmongering and unrest-seeking measures to be halted due to coronavirus outbreak, US’ moves is in violation of what Iraqi government, parliament and nation want. Such behaviors can bring instability into the region and end in a catastrophic situation,” he said.

US terrorist forces have initiated some suspicious moves against the Iraqi Resistance groups, however, Hashd al-Sha’abi is completely ready against any hostile actions, according to local reports.

It seems that there is no end to US hostility in Iraq and Trump’s government is preparing itself for another aggression against the Iraqi Resistance Group Hashd al-Sha’abi.

In this regard, the New York Times report claimed that Pentagon secretly called for the elimination of one of the Iraqi Resistance Group namely Kata’ib Hezbollah last week.

According to Times, this group is part of “Hashd al-Sha’abi” organization and such action can undermine the Washington-Baghdad agreement on US military activity in Iraq.

Political analysts believe that the US seeks to achieve its political and security goals by pressuring the Shia groups to endorse Iraqi Prime Minister Adnan al-Zurufi. In fact, Washington strives to impose its will on the Shia parties and groups which is a blatant interference in Iraq’s internal affairs.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Secretary of Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said that any US military act in Iraq would be regarded as the same as the attacks of the ISIL.

Source Article from https://theiranproject.com/blog/2020/04/01/ran-calls-on-us-to-stop-causing-unrest-in-region-leave-iraq/

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