Reasonable Theory: Are We All Actually Living in Hell?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018

An infamous hacker whose name I dare not say aloud has forwarded an interesting theory worthy of some deep consideration: are we all actually living in Hell?

Looking at the general situation we find ourselves in, this theory appears to make sense on the face of it.

Just to list a few indications we actually live in Hell:

Evil, monstrous nonhuman beings (which appear to be demonic in nature) flooding in and raping and murdering us on a mass scale

Rule by the killers of Christ

Widescale belief in nonsensical gibberish by the general population

Celebration of homosexuality

Government assisting homosexuals to kidnap and rape children


Tranny children encouraged by their parents as a celebration of moral superiority

Being ruled over by women

Mass addiction to poisonous drugs

Irredeemable, bloodsucking whores


Mass obesity

The persecution of righteousness

History’s most heroic men are defiled as the incarnation of evil

Mass abortion

Selling the bodies of dead babies for medical experiments


Destruction of the natural world

The name and image of Christ cursed everywhere we look

Total death of masculinity among general population

A hatred of beauty and a celebration of ugliness

And we could of course go on and on and on with these indications that the world we live in is actually Hell.

The theory is, generally, very sound, as I think everyone would have to admit.

Why I Do Not Believe This is Hell

The situation is hellish. No one can deny that.

However, the Christian imagining of Hell is that of eternal damnation, without the possibility of redemption.

At this present point, I still believe that redemption is possible. I believe, with all of my heart, that we are capable of overcoming this evil, and creating a new world, where goodness and beauty rule.

I have seen signs of this. I have seen light peaking through this darkness, which assures me that this darkness is not eternal. Not yet.

It is the duty of each of us, as individuals, to overcome all of this evil around us, and to seek the light of redemption.

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One Response to “Reasonable Theory: Are We All Actually Living in Hell?”

  1. SanityClaus says:

    People who have no regard for luck are the damned who live in hell.
    Silver is honest money. You can use silver to practice honest charity. You cannot use fake money to practice honest charity.
    Honest charity is how you cultivate luck. People without luck can never take any chances. People who never take chances ARE COWARDS.
    It is perfectly natural for men to engage in intimate sexual relations. This is a fact of history. The Greeks did not suffer from the neurosis of despising intimacy among men. The Greeks
    invented civilization. It is the sick ideology of the Jew that opposes the natural order of limited population through natural desires and amicable relations. Calling Jews promoters of same sex relations is a blatant lie contrary to all historic evidence.
    JAHWEH IS A HOMOPHOBE because that is how to enslave subject populations by dividing them against each other.
    Homophobia is superstition. Civilian authority is morality.
    Morality is impossible when you believe some lying bastard can save your soul and walk on water. It is a stupid thing to throw the money changers out of the temple because the money changers protect the temple treasury from false coins.

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