Red Lake Minnesota School Shooting was a Hoax

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Red Lake Minnesota School Shooting was a Hoax

Updated with additional imagery and commentary

The fact that the Red Lake, Minnesota, school shooting was a hoax is exceedingly obvious. This arch-fabrication was associated with a non-existent shooter named Jeff Weise. To determine the fact that it was fake, all that has to be done is to consider the nature of the victims and/or their loved ones. In other words, are these injuries truly real?

In this regard the case of Jeff May must be evaluated. He was supposedly shot at point-blank range with a pistol, presumably right in the face. Is there any evidence for this?

Good God, world. How could this be anything other than an arch-fabrication?

Give him a notebook to make it appear school-like, take a picture of a prankster, and the whole world will believe that he did it: Mr. Devil’s Horns. How desperate are the Zionists in their attempts to forge forward with their treacherous schemes.

May was a typical brave beyond belief hero, like the rest of the arch-hoaxers.


Sure he did, right. The man was shooting the place up, and instead of following his instincts and running away or ducking he does the untenable. He charges him, wrestling the gunman to the ground.

He then was blasted into oblivion from what was obviously less than a foot away; they were wrestling, after all.

Too, according to one account a shot was fired “right at May’s face”, with the purported victim suffering a fractured, splintered jaw, while in yet another story-line it was his neck that was stricken.

He has a stroke? Why did he have a stroke if he was merely shot in the neck? Furthermore, if he did suffer such a consequence, how could he have such a dramatic recovery, walking and moving about a mere two weeks or less later?


What happened to the fractured jaw, that is why is there no evidence for any such injury? Moreover, where is the evidence for the entrance wound or the disfiguring of the face as a consequence of such a blast injury? Moreover, what is the purpose of the supercilious smile on the attendant? It’s all fake, let there be no doubt about it.

In one image the scar is shown off. A scar, right; yet what about the blast wound to the cheek and jaw area? It’s non-existent. Therefore, the scar is a fake, mere silicone.


Note: there is no evidence of any kind of wound to the cheek or face, which is in direct contrast to many of the story-lines. Zoomed in, what is seen? It appears to be not a real scar or real wound but, rather, silicone gore. The scar appears to be applied on. There is no evidence of distortion of the skin as would be expected from such a horrific injury. Regardless, even if this were real, where is the injury to the cheek and jaw? Why are there no scars or stiching areas there?


Look carefully at the stich areas. They are flat without the slightest bit of swelling. Regardless, is it not odd that the areas around the scars healed so quickly, a mere two weeks or so after the incident. There is not the slightest bit of scabbing, redness, or swelling. Nor is there any induration, which is evidence of the healing process. Nor is there the slightest indication of secondary infection, which commonly results during the healing process for major traumatic injuries.


The induration from this laceration is clear and evident; it is a part of the healing process.


Note, too, the lack of a central line of demarcation. What a dramatic healing it is to such a degree that it is impossible to see the surgical cut line! It’s a silicone snake, 100% fabricated.

What about the hospital images? What is the blue tube? Why isn’t it hooked up?


What about the acclaimed damage to the jaw and the cheek? There is none. What about that scar seen previously? Why isn’t it or a healing wound visible now?


Too, there is no evidence in the hospital imagery of the kind of neck and jaw injuries to which are attributed. The scar is not seen in the image, right screen.


NOTE: This is a fake. There is no possibility of a real bullet hit in the right side of May’s face.

If a bullet had really impacted his right cheek and jaw at close range, the evidence would be clear and stark.

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There is no blast injury on the face of Mr. May just after the supposed shooting. Nor is there the slightest evidence of an entrance or exit wound of the bullet. Moreover, by no means was he shot in the cheek or jaw or for that matter the neck.

Therefore, the claim that Jeff May was struck at close range by a bullet from a handgun is a terminal fraud. This means that the entire claim of a real shooting at Red Lake middle school is a treacherous lie. Once again, the world has been hoaxed. No one died, and no one was injured.

In the majority of cases the purported families of the deceased or injured gave little to no response. Most of them were ‘unavailable,’ never giving commentary on the ‘act.’


Then, too, what else is there to do on the reservation for excitement other than attend a hoax event? Why not? And bring the children, too.


Makes sense, doesn’t it? Bring the toddlers to a school shooting zone essentially while the shooting is occurring or just afterwards.

Hoax index: a gazillion percent.




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4 Responses to “Red Lake Minnesota School Shooting was a Hoax”

  1. Earl says:

    Are you fucking retarded? I’m sorry, but you have to be mildly retarded. I hope you know this and understand this. Maybe you should have actually did your research. Go to the reservation once and talk to people once you fucking tool.

  2. Rj says:

    Yo dude, this is pretty dumb. Your theories are only based off one man. Come on if you really dug for all that, then you would know students died in that school shooting. If this is a hoax? Then tell me who those bodies were that were recovered, tell me who it was that was in buried in those coffins? Come on you seem to know all about it. You’re a joke, at least if you’re going to come up with a theory make sure it’s accurate. This is dumb putting this story up on a “Jewish world order” website. How dumb can some people be, making shit up for attention. Come on look at the facts, don’t look at something based off one kid. There was quite a few of them who died, not just students either. Tell me your theory for that?

    • Awake Goyim Awake Goyim says:

      I don’t debate with stupid or zionist shills.
      If you don’t have the IQ to comprehend what’s really going on, then you will never find the truth.

  3. EthanWilliam says:

    Thank you for sharing

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