Reich discovered that the frequency 430Mhz could affect human brain waves.

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Within the course of his work, Reich discovered that the frequency 430Mhz could affect
human brain waves. From 1947-52 he worked on a joint project with the U.S.
government to explore the potential applications of his findings (32). When Reich
discovered that his research was being used to further human mind control experiments,
he immediately left the project and vowed to never again work with the government on
any of his projects.

In 1954 the FDA passed an injunction forbidding anyone from writing about orgone
energy, communicating about orgone, or practicing medicine involving orgone devices
(36). Soon afterwards Reich was sentenced to two years in prison for violating interstate
commerce laws when an associate of his was apprehended for transporting orgone
accumulators. While he was imprisoned, the FDA burned Reich’s accumulators in a
giant bonfire at his lab. (37) Most of his unpublished works were destroyed in a public
incinerator in New York City. Two weeks before his scheduled release date, Reich died in
his cell, reportedly of a heart attack. Many people, including his own children, believe
that Wilhelm Reich was murdered by the CIA in the interest of national security

“U.S. military scientists
are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include enhancing
of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth’s atmosphere to produce targeted
droughts or floods.” (40) Vapor rivers are invisible rivers of waters consisting of vapors
that flow towards the poles in the lower atmosphere. They rival the flow of the Amazon
at 420-480 miles in width and 4800 miles in length.

August 2003 East Coast Blackout:

DOE employee Michael Kane said, “The Task Force Interim Report
failed to address the possibility of electromagnetic pulse causing the blackout….HAARP
was turned on August 14th, 11 minutes before the blackout….the Air Force should be
contacted and required to turn over documentation pertaining to what HAARP was used
for that day.”

During a Department of Defense News Briefing in 1997, Secretary of Defense William
Cohen stated, “Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their
laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so
that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing
some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy certain crops. Others are
engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” (43)


is interesting to note that on December 21st, 2003, the day that Secretary of The
Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge announced a high terror alert, HAARP
was turned on to its highest daytime transmitter power of 3.39 Mhz. (44) HAARP
remained at the same frequency for five days in which time period there were eight
major earthquakes around the world, culminating in the December 26th Iran quake
which killed 20,000 people. (45) The earthquake occurred shortly after a U.N. atomic
agency meeting at which the U.S. accused Iran of trying to make nuclear arms. Given the
above evidence, it is apparent that the HAARP Project is a weapon capable of causing
mass genocide, carried out in secret behind closed doors. For an informative and indepth look into HAARP technology, refer to the book “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”,
by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning. (46)

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