Professor Geddes MacGregor

Professor Geddes MacGregor, the late Christian theologian, believed that REINCARNATION was edited out of the Christian Bible by certain Catholics. 

‘Increasing evidence brought to light from various historians and skeptics show that there was a lot of information that was not only left out of the Bible, but disinformation that was deliberately added after the New Testament was released.’

MacGregor argues that “Christians did believe in reincarnation”.

“All written evidence of reincarnation in early Christian teachings and in the Bible was deliberately suppressed by the Catholic church.”

Reportedly, a large percentage of early Christians believed in reincarnation.


Noor al Haqiqa commented on “REINCARNATION – REBIRTH”

At 72 I have lived my life believing fully in reincarnation.

Raised Roman Catholic. But around 8 or so my thoughts turned in those directions simply from time spent growing in the wilderness and watching life replenish itself in the wilds.

As an adult, memories bled into this current life.

All told, I have had strong memories for 7 lives and known I was here this time to clean up my own messes, work through various things.

Some of the things that happened to me I knew were not payback but… opportunities to make things right.

Eventually I plugged the door to memories of the past bleeding through; it became too dangerous, the risks too high. I was advised to ‘put a lid on it” by those much wiser than I. No more active explorations.

We are here in each life to start anew not remember the past; each life a fresh opportunity to be and expand. But as with everything there are never set rules and many remember fully with time.

When a baby is born, it often remembers much of its previous life until the weight of the current life takes over and the child settles in to its new circumstances.

No mention has been made here, for good reason, of wounds and illness memories being carried from incarnation to incarnation; another awesome phenomena.

Thanks for this great collection of links. A pleasure to read something different and deep on this, the day of the inauguration of the fraud. This is something I KNOW I was born to witness. We have all seen these traumatic events of civilizations before us and know what is to come. This gives me the inner peace of knowing the human spirit will survive no matter how they try to eliminate it.

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