Remembering Father Feeney…A true warrior for Christ

Remembering Father Feeney…A true warrior for Christ

Leonard Feeney (1897-1978) was a Roman Catholic priest. He was born in Lynn, Massachusetts on 15 February 1897. In 1914 he became a Jesuit Novitiate of Saint Andrew in New York, with whom he studied for 14 years before taking religious vows as a son of Saint Ignatius, being ordained a priest on 20 June 1928. In the 1930s and early 1940s Fr. Feeney had attracted a large number of supporters, who were known as Feeneyites. In 1949 he was expelled from the Jesuits and a few years later was entirely excommunicated from the Church on February 13, 1953 because he would not change his tune on the Jews whom he accurately exposed as the eternal enemies of Christendom.

Fr. Feeney founded and led the Saint Benedict Center, which was located across the street from Harvard University. He also formed a religious association known as the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Feeney and his feeneyites preached every Sunday at Boston Common, but due to his honest preaching about the filthy Jews in his oratories, the police were usually required to be on hand to protect him and his Christian followers from the Jews and their paid for thugs. The Jews often targeted images of the Virgin Mary that Feeney brought to the Common. In one instance, a Jewish heckler spat on a banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe 24 times, leading the sorrowful Feeney to conclude, “That had to be diabolic. No normal human being who is not possessed can spit that much.” Maluf, an Arab, was also a target of choice, whom they often attacked en masse.[47] Fr. Feeney accurately taught that Jews were descended from Satan.

Racist Discrimination at Harvard Against Better Qualified Non-Jewish Students

Fr. Feeney regularly warned the students at Harvard “not to become like their (((secular and atheistic professors))), who were responsible for [inventions] such as the atom bomb,” although he found this missionary work very discouraging and once said: “How can I convince Catholic students that they are losing their faith at Harvard when my own brothers in religion, (i.e. Jesuits) are getting degrees there?” He also accused the Catholic Boston College of having “lost the faith and teaching heresy, namely that salvation could be obtained outside the One True Church”.

Father Feeney preaching on Boston Common in 1957

Feeney was editor of “The Point,” the successor publication to From the Housetops, which had ceased publication in 1949, from 1951-1959. The Point ran a mixture of theological and political articles; criticizing and the openly Christophobic agitations by Jews. Refusing to follow their agenda, they labeled him an “anti-semite“. The newsletter mentioned the following facts;

“Those two powers, the chief two in the world today, are Communism and Zionism. That both movements are avowedly anti-Christian, and that both are in origin and direction Jewish, is a matter of record.” (September 1958)

“As surely and securely as the Jews have been behind Freemasonry, or Secularism, or Communism, they are behind the “anti-hate” drive. The Jews are advocating tolerance only for its destructive value — destructive, that is, of the Catholic Church. On their part, they still keep alive their racial rancors and antipathies.” (January 1959)

Several back issues of The Point can be found here

The Point was a Catholic newsletter published by the Saint Benedict Center from 1952 to 1959. It was edited under Fr. Leonard Feeney, M.I.C.M. Most issues tackle the problems confronting Catholicism in the modern world by Americanism, Communism, Ecumenism, Freemasonry, Judaism, Protestantism, and Zionism.

A single year, 1957, saw the following article titles:

  • January: “Jewish Invasion of Our Country–Our Culture Under Siege”
  • February: “When Everyone Was Catholic–The Courage of the Faith in the Thirteenth Century”
  • March: “Dublin’s Briscoe Comes to Boston”
  • April: “The Fight for the Holy City–Efforts of the Jews to Control Jerusalem”
  • May: “Our Lady of Fatima Warned Us”
  • June: “The Rejected People of Holy Scripture: Why the Jews Fear the Bible”
  • July: “The Judaising of Christians by Jews–Tactics of the Church’s Leading Enemies”
  • August: “A Sure Defense Against the Jews–What Our Catholic Bishops Can Do for Us”
  • September: “An Unholy People in the Holy Land–The Actions of the Jews”
  • October: “The Jewish Lie About Brotherhood–the Catholic Answer–Israeli Brotherhood”
  • November: “Six Pointers on the Jews”

Feeney has been described as Boston’s homegrown version of Father Charles Coughlin, a priest who also heroically opposed Jewish machinations; particularly their exploitation of the poor and their campaign to drag the United States into the Second World War.[55]

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comment from Amos –

Ive just read a newsletter from Fr Feeney from 1959. Having come across his name and excommunication, drew me to find out more about him. Having read quite a few articles about his views and understanding the teachings of the Church, this son of the same showed tremendous love and passion for the truth as he saw it, and in his time was clearly prophetic in his utterances. May his spirit of the Church militant continue to live in the hearts of those seeking the truth under the guidance and power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen

more quotes from father feenie –


must read articles by father feeney –


JEWISH INVASION OF OUR COUNTRY – Our American Culture Under Siege


THE JUDAISING OF CHRISTIANS BY JEWS – Tactics of the Church’s (((Leading Enemies)))







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Too few people understand how historically significant this book really is. “Maurice Pinay” was the pseudonym of 12 conservative members of the college of cardinals who were opposed to the abomination known as “Vatican II.” The Plot Against the Church was their attempt to expose the real historical context of Vatican II. In doing so, it tells the tale of history as Europe’s native clerical elite has perceived it– a tale that’s been all but lost, which we MUST NOT LOSE.

Though these cardinals’ political goals were frustrated, their book is still a fantastic catalog of Lost History. For this reasons alone, The Plot Against the Church is one of the most immensely important books of our time. The scholarship is also quite good, especially since the cited works are usually excellent historical sources written in languages other than English (Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian) so you don’t see them cited much in English-language books dealing with the same subjects. Read it here !

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2 Responses to “Remembering Father Feeney…A true warrior for Christ”

  1. SanityClaus says:

    I don’t have an imaginary friend that lives in the sky who forgives me for what I do to real people. The rise of Christendom is called “the dark ages”. The fall of Christendom is called
    “the Renaissance” .
    Islam, Christianity and Judaism are three methods used by the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. HEROINE MAFIA to enslave people by making them stupid and evil. Religion is a way to divide and conquer people by pitting them against each other.
    Geometry is the true religion of civilization. Euclid,s geometry is not taught in public schools because it teaches children to recognize bullshit. Religion is bullshit.

  2. Lina says:


    The first reaction to truth is hatred.

    Prevention of birth is a precipitation of murder.

    You cannot parcel out freedom in pieces because freedom is all or nothing.

    Truth engenders hatred of truth. As soon as it appears, it is the enemy.

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

    It is certain because it is impossible.

    Nothing that is God’s is obtainable by money.

    What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?

    The more you mow us down, the more numerous we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.

    Tertullian (160-220) said that the Catholic Faith and Jewish power are like the two pans of a pair of scales: as Catholic Faith goes up, so Jewish power goes down.., and as Catholic Faith goes down, so Jewish power goes up. But the Faith overtops the power. That is why the primary problem is not the Jews, but the increase or decrease of the Faith amongst men. That is why conspiracies do exist, they have an important part to play and they are not to be merely scorned, but the central problem is men turning away from the true God in his one true Church. In brief — and here is the crucial point – the Gentiles have only themselves to blame if Jewish power is today so great.


    If you follow the Master
    the world will reject you
    as it rejects the Pastor
    with a lot of ballyhoo

    The disciple is NOT above the Master
    nor the servant above his Lord
    the world is heading for a disaster
    the Creator is ready to have it restored

    The Queen of Heaven comes to warn
    us poor children of sinful Eve
    if we don’t listen, we’ll surely mourn
    in an “eternity” full of grief

    Each one of us is free to decide
    whether to follow God or a worldly path
    whether to be humble or full of pride
    whether to be full of Love or full of wrath

    The Righteous Judge keeps patiently
    inviting His children to choose wisely
    but most of us refuse blatantly
    to follow His Commandments very precisely

    He who will not hear, will feel .

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