Residents joke about ALIEN INVASION as fiery UFO spotted in the skies above Victoria, Australia (VIDEOS)

“Feels right that the next step for 2020 is alien invasion…” wrote one Twitter user as their feed was flooded with images of an unidentified flying object in the skies above southeast Australia on Friday evening.

Tom Toose, a 31-year-old farmer watched the “massive burning trail of embers” in the sky with his girlfriend for about 30 seconds before it disappeared.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life,” Toose said. “It looked like a plane was getting shot down, it was massive.”

Both Ambulance Victoria and the Country Fire Authority were inundated with calls from anxious residents worried about a potential plane crash.

They needn’t have worried, however; neither the end of days nor first contact with aliens were taking place. Instead it was something far worse… Those pesky Russians were at it again. 

As it turns out, the fiery spectacle was actually the remnants of a rocket used to launch a Russian satellite into orbit. 

The rocket was reportedly launched at 10:31 local time from Plesetsk, about 1,000 kilometers north of Moscow, according to

“What gives it away as being a space junk [rather than a meteor or comet] is that it’s come in at a very shallow angle, so that means it world have been a very low Earth orbit and just re-entered the atmosphere and started burning because of friction,” explained Perry Vlahos, vice president of the Astronomical Society of Victoria.

Meteors typically last three seconds at most and comets move extremely slowly across the sky, making them largely indistinguishable from the stars to the naked eye. Mystery solved… or is it?

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