Return of about 5000 elite students to Iran

IRNA — Deputy Director of Planning and Supervision of the National Elite Foundation of Iran announced the return of about 5000 elite students to the country over the past five years and said ‘We are not against immigration, but we oppose no to return to the country.’

‘The problem of the elite leaving the country is not complicated, and it consists of a simple equation. When a person fails to utilize his capabilities in his country and does not provide income-generating tools in a field for which knowledge is invested, the phenomenon of exodus emerges,’ said Hossein Salariyah to comment on the departure of elites from the country.

As much as the issue of the deprivation of Iran from its elite is concerned, it has been repeatedly addressed in visual and written media. This fundamental issue has been debated from all angles. In the simplest case, it can be said that immigration occurs throughout the world, whether it is from elites or from ordinary people. However, the main component that has a heavier bearing on elite people than the second group of migrations is the need to create incentive grounds for elite to remain in the country.

Salariyah added that some elites choose to go abroad to study and return to the country upon graduation; in this situation, leaving the country is under the pretext of studying. But some do not return to the country, which is the main reason for staying in other countries is job opportunities.

Some people tend to use the phrase ‘brain drain’, which is not only an interesting phrase but also a false word. A large number of graduates and students leave the country where there is no runaway and nobody is looking for them.

Previously, I pointed out that when a person stays in space for five or six years, he is familiar with all aspects of employment in that environment. As you grow older, you must have a job and earn an income. Hence, any position of work that is available to the individual is chosen for employment, which is equal to that of a person to remain in a country other than his own.

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