Robot Uses AI Face Mask Detection to Enforce Compliance

There is a new video out by SoftBank Robotics Europe, which promotes the use of “Pepper” the robot to enforce mask regulations. Pepper has been outfitted with A.I. that allows it to see who is wearing a mask and who is not, and those who are not get a red circle around their faces and are told to put one on.

Here is the video description:

Since July 20, anyone 11+ years of age must wear a mask in closed public places in France. This measure also is highly recommended in many European, African and Persian Gulf countries. To support businesses and public places, SoftBank Robotics Europe unveils a new feature with Pepper: AI Face Mask Detection. This new feature does not retain or use personal data.

I love how they put pepper in a mask as well. We’re all in this together, including the robots!

People do not take kindly to being told to put on these stinking face diapers, and it appears that having a robot enforcing mask rules will enrage people even more than is already the case.

Check out the top comments under the video. None of them are positive. Since the company will probably shut down the comment section (and the likes/dislikes), I screen-grabbed some for you.

We must resist this here and. The slippery slope is very real and we have been sliding down it for quite some time.

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