Russian military police move to Syrian-Turkish border as first phase of Erdogan-Putin deal

The transfer marks a start of the implementation of the deal presidents Putin and Erdogan agreed on following their Tuesday meeting.

“Units of Russian military police will assist in ensuring the safety of the population and maintain order, carry out patrols in the area and facilitate the withdrawal of YPG forces to beyond 30 kilometers from the Turkish border,” says the ministry’s statement.

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Russian & Syrian forces to deploy to northeastern Syria outside Turkey operation zone – Putin-Erdogan agreement

Under the deal struck by presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after six hours of talks in the Russian coastal city of Sochi on Tuesday, Russian military police and Syrian border guards were due to start overseeing the withdrawal of YPG fighters and their weapons at least 30 km into Syria starting from midday, October 23. The removal of Kurdish units should be completed within 150 hours. Turkey has promised not to launch a new offensive against Kurdish militias in the area that was previously targeted by Turkey in their Operation Peace Spring.

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