Russian Nazbols Attack Czech Embassy After Communist Statue Removed

Russian Nazbols are gay terrorists.

RMX News:

A far-left extremist group called The Other Russia has claimed an attack against the Czech embassy in Moscow over the removal of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev’s statue from a Prague square, the Czech Foreign Ministry said.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow sent an official note to Russian diplomats in protest against the attack.

The extremists threw a smoke bomb on the grounds of the embassy and hung a banner on the fence saying “Stop fascism”. On its website, a far-left group called The Other Russia claimed the attack.

“We then, of course, informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic about this incident. On Monday, we prepared a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation,” said Czech Ambassador in Moscow Vítězslav Pivoňka.

The municipal district Prague 6 had the statue of the Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev removed last Friday. However, Czech communists, Russia’s representatives in Prague, as well as Czech President Miloš Zeman, strongly opposed the removal.

According to The Other Russia group, removing the statue is part of the efforts of European states to revise the results of World War II. The group added that the Czech authorities deny the Soviets the credit for the fight against Nazism and, in doing so, justify the actions of Nazis.

Others point to the fact that Soviet forces later occupied the Czech Republic, which was Czechoslovakia at the time, and crushed a Czech rebellion against Soviet rule in 1968.

Marshal Konev is a controversial historical figure himself, as he also participated in the bloody suppression of the anti-communist uprising in Hungary in the mid-1950s.

These Russians are completely obsessed with their hoaky narrative that they “liberated” Europe from the Nazis.

Liberation would entail that things became better after a certain group took over, but Eastern Europe became exponentially worse under the Soviets.

German rule was a paradise compared to the bloody reign of terror of the Soviets.

These Russians are so brainwashed with this propaganda that they’re wiling to commit terrorist attacks against any Europeans who disagree with their screwy narrative.

These Antifa Russians want to make all white Europeans subservient again to the Russian KGB. Any Europeans who don’t bow down and lick the dust off the boots of the Russians and pay homage to the old Soviet rulers are targeted for terror and assassinations by these Russian Antifa groups or other proxies of the FSB.

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