Russia’s Upper House Authorizes Aerial Operations in Syria

Russia’s Upper House Authorizes Aerial Operations in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Following Russia’s announcement, Syrian media said it came in response to President Bashar al-Assad’s request, asking Putin’s help to fight Islamic State terrorists.

On Wednesday, Russia’s upper house Federation Council unanimously approved using air power to fight ISIS and other takfiri terrorists in Syria – responding to Putin’s request, parliamentary authorization a constitutional requirement.

Putin observes Russian and international law principles – unlike Obama and other US presidents operating ad libitum, circumventing the law, doing whatever they please at their own discretion, ruling like despots, terrorizing nations ruthlessly.

Russian Presidential Administration Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov explained Putin’s move, saying:

“We’re talking exclusively about operations of Russia’s Air Force, as our president has already said, the use of armed forces on the ground theater of military operations is excluded.” 

“The military goal of the operations is exclusively air support of the Syrian government forces in their fight against the Islamic State.”

“I would like to inform you that the president of the Syrian Arab Republic turned to the leadership of our country with a request to provide military assistance, so we may say that terrorism needs to be fought, efforts need to be combined, but it is still necessary to observe the norms of international law.”

“First and, probably, the most important, we are talking about Syria alone, and we are not talking about reaching some foreign policy goals, satisfying some ambitions which our western partners accuse us of, we are talking about Russia’s national interests alone.”

Russia intends acting in full compliance with international law, Ivanov stressed, unlike how America operates – by its own rules alone, consistently violating rule of law principles, norms and standards.

Russian operations will be temporary, their timeline and tactics not explained – “for obvious reasons,” said Ivanov, adding:

“(T)he the United States…is launching airstrikes on the territory of Syria and Iraq, and maybe other Middle Eastern States. Recently France has joined the same analogous actions.” 

“Australia and a number of other countries are talking about the same thing…I would like to note…these actions are being carried out in circumvention of international law.”

Russia’s lower house State Duma International Affairs Committee head Konstantin Kosachev said “(w)e would not risk getting stuck in a long conflict and threaten the lives of our troops. The operation is aerial only. Certainly in coordination with the ground operation of the Syrian army.”

Media scoundrels responded to the latest development as expected. They’ll be plenty more to come ahead. 

The New York Times headlined “Russia Approves Using Forces Abroad Amid Buildup in Syria,” instead of saying only aerial operations are intended to support Assad’s ground forces battle ISIS and other tarfiri terrorists.

The Times claimed Moscow’s move appears “another step toward (its) troops joining the fight in Syria,” citing unnamed US “officials,” deliberately distorting Putin’s intentions. 

It misstated Ivanov explaining Russian operations will be temporary – not for “an open-ended period,” as The Times reported.

It demeaned Russia’s upper house disgracefully, calling it “a rubber stamp” body.

The Washington Post headlined “Russia’s legislature authorizes Putin to use military force in Syria” – claiming it “likely complicates Western policy toward” Assad and ISIS elements, failing to explain it represents a potential game-changer, a real anti-terrorist campaign, polar opposite Washington’s phony one, supporting what it claims to be fighting.

The Wall Street Journal stressed how Russia’s move puts it “at odds with Washington…a major complication to Western efforts in the region…”

Moscow’s direct involvement is significant, very much a possible game-changer, indeed complicating Washington’s imperial agenda. 

Putin intends confronting its ISIS foot soldiers, wanting them soundly defeated – precisely the opposite of US intentions, supporting them to ravage countries where they deployed.

Iran and Iraq praised Putin’s move. How Washington responds  remains to be seen. Russian Middle East Institute head Evgeny Satanovsky said he’s “not waiting for any reaction from the West, and (he’s) not particularly interested in it.”

“There will be cries, hysterics, then there will be realpolitik and maybe understanding.”

As of now, a whole new scenario is about to unfold in Syria and perhaps Iraq. The ideal outcome would be to mortally wound America’s regional imperial project. The safety and welfare of millions of people throughout the region depend on it.

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