SAA clearing S. Idlib to shorten front line with Turkey

Syrian army liberates 8 villages from Nusra front terrorists

…from South Front

[ Editor’s Note: The SAA took a big hit losing Nayrab. It is now looking like the A-team combat troops were moved out to use in the South Iblib advance, and the second tier replacements were quickly jumped on with a counter attack.

The new troops might have been overly dependent on expecting the air cover to break up an approaching attack. Green troops without combat vets beside them tend to want to scoot when threatened with being overrun.

No casualty figures were given out on losses, which has become the norm from the Syrians, and Turkey of course under reports theirs and over reports Syria’s as Erdogan jailed all the opposition media in Turkey for “supporting terrorism”, and was not sanctioned for it by the international community.

With the Erdogan gangsters in charge now though, Turkey’s chances of getting into the EU are zip, a tough price to pay as he wanted to export more Turkish workers to the EU so they could send money back home to prop up their families by sending Euros.

I see Idilib developing to where the SAA pushes up from the south to the M-4 highway, and then will have to decide on an Idlib city strategy. Erdogan wants to save most of his battle hardened jihadis as a tool to use on the future, but does not want them inside Turkey.

Syria wants to open up all of the cleared territory to bring refugees back, which will be a slow and expensive process due to the destruction.

Foreign aid for rebuilding will be harder to get if there is no peace process in motion, and by that I mean one that has all the violence under control. As long Erdogan has 25,000 mercenary jihadis as expendable cannon fodder that will never happen.

So that will bring in a head on decision on a larger scale war to do what Syria has pledged to do, clear NW Syria of all terrorists. The US and Saudi Arabia will fully fund the Idlib jihadis and Syrian killing each other to the best of their abilityJim W. Dean ]

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It’s always nice to be on with Michael Springman, an ex-State Dept employee while on station in Iraq refused to process US visas for young jihadis being sent to the US for “training”.

– First aired … February 25, 2020

The Syrian Army and its allied forces have regained control of 8 more villages as they make further advances in the south of the Idlib countryside. Government forces reportedly also inflicted heavy losses on Nusra Front terrorists and their affiliates.

The army’s advances were followed by the discovery of a vast network of tunnels, heavy weapons, and fortified dens belonging to the terrorists.

Idlib remains a flashpoint amid Turkey’s increased military presence in the region. The latest gain marks another step in the government’s advance against foreign-backed militants. Syria has launched a major campaign to liberate Idlib which is considered to be the last stronghold of the militant groups.

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