San Bernardino Hoax Dead Iranian Immigrant Mother Installed in Photo by PhotoShop

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San Bernardino Hoax Dead Iranian Immigrant Mother Installed in Photo by PhotoShop

What an arch-corrupt, terminally wretched fake it is, in fact, fabricated to the extreme. It is all done by the Zionists and their collaborators, make no mistake about it. This is to leverage the hoax of Islaamic terror and create international Islamophobia, also even phobias against Islamic Iran.

This could not be made more clear than the hoax death of purported Iranian woman, Bennetta Betbadal, who supposedly died at the hands of radical Islamic extremism after ‘fleeing such extremism.’ Only the Zionists could possibly have created such a fraudulent story-line. Regardless, it is they who control the narrative and can, therefore, make any most extreme claim they deem.

‘Hey, chief, how are you doing? Can’t you act this out better? It’s obvious from your facial expression that this is nothing other than a scam.’


Regarding the supposed family of Betbadal, no photo in the universe could be more fake than this:


Even so, who believes she really is named “Bennetta Betbadal.” It sounds like a Hollywood-style invented name. Even so, it is said:

“It is the ultimate irony that her life would be stolen from her that day by what appears to be the same type of extremism that she fled so many years ago,” the family said in the statement.

She didn’t die fleeing anything. That’s because as an actual individual member of this family she doesn’t exist:


This is, then, hard proof. There is no possibility that this is a real woman, that is as advertised: a victim of random violence, in this case by ‘wild-eyed Moooslims.’ It was absolutely faked by the Zionists, and this image is final evidence. None of them were in this picture in real life; they were all artificially installed.


What an arch-Zionist hack-job it is, so poorly done: purely amateurish. The heavy use of the paint and blur tools is clearly evident. On the supposed mother there is no light source versus the heavy light source seen on the ‘daughter.’ No one can doubt that this is nothing other than a digitally altered image.


The woman is playing a role as a likely Mizrahi Jew in order to demonize Islaam. Both these women were artificially installed into that image. Cut lines and cover-up blur tool lines abound. It’s fake and faker than even that, and anyone with eyes to see and a thinking brain can see it. Note the cut lines in particular under the younger woman’s eyes and also the blur tool marks all about the face. Why is the frontal imagery just as fuzzy, the area of focus, as that in the background? It can only be concluded that this is a digital manipulation.


What’s the matter with these people? Are there that many Masonic Jews in San Bernardino that they could have such a phony crying get-together? Why despite the drawn faces is there not a tear of actual grief to be seen anywhere.

Channel Peekay22 has done a great job of outlining this fraud and exposing it for what it is: a terminally wretched scam.


A careful review of the fake dead of this hoax will prove the extensive use of PhotoShop. Yet, it is a job poorly done, as the actual nature of the photos as digital frauds is readily seen.

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