Saudi Aramco bombed

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By Latifa al-Husseini Beirut – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is continuing his clampdown
Iran on Monday released pictures showing two gaping holes in the hull of an oil
The Pentagon will send thousands more troops and two squadrons of fighter jets
Stating that Pakistan would like to avoid conflict in the region, Khan announced at a

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One Response to “Saudi Aramco bombed”

  1. Jose Chung says:

    Aramco is a Wahhabist terrorist funding front op

    The Houthis are sending us a message: resistance is not futile, Wahhabistani terrorists do not have the right to colonize the world market unopposed

    Long live Houthis!!!
    My family was murdered by Saudis on 9/11
    I never forget
    American politicians will never be forgiven

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