Scary Dyke Megan Rapinoe Calls Trump a White Nationalist, Says She May Run for Office to Push Mass Immigration & Satanic Feminism

Megan Rapinoe is a child of satan.

She’s a far-left, purple-haired dyke who doesn’t like Trump because he is a heterosexual white male.


Megan Rapinoe, star and co-captain of the United States women’s national soccer team, took her criticism of President Donald Trump to a new level in videos published on Tuesday, calling him a white nationalist.

In a portion of an interview with Vice’s Anand Giridharadas posted Tuesday, Rapinoe lambasted Trump’s actions as president while praising immigration and equality as good for the economy.

Specifically, she said that Trump’s “spewing of hate and ‘othering’ of the rest of the country” has only led to more despair, anxiety and fear in the country.

According to this dyke, immigration and feminism are great and more is needed.

I think we know that immigration does not cause loss of jobs. Immigration is actually good for the economy. We know that women in the workforce is good for the economy. We know that equality is good for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for society and ends up costing us more money in the long run, the war on drugs, whatever it may be. I think that that has proven to be really detrimental.

Now, obviously, we have a white nationalist — I think — in the White House and the spewing of hate and the “othering” of the rest of the country has only led to more rift between people and more despair and more anxiety and more fear going forward.

There’s been nothing to ease Donald Trump’s base, really. There’s been nothing, it’s not like he’s given them a bunch of jobs. It’s not like he’s made life really better for them, he’s just given them this false reason why maybe they’re not happy with their lives. There’s been no sort of path forward.

An ugly dyke like Rapinoe wants more mass immigration because she’s an impotent infertile waste of oxygen and wants the rest of White America to die off just like her bloodline will.

For some deep-seated psychological reason, homosexuals desire that the rest of the world live as they live. They don’t want to have to look at happy families with children running around in public. They wish only to see other miserable gay cunts parading their genitals in public as traumatized children are forced to watch.

Queers like Rapinoe are all about shifting societal norms in order to glamorize perversion. Who knows what that nasty dyke gets up to behind closed doors. I’m assuming some BDSM type shit. Her goal as a lesbian is to legislate her lesbianism on the rest of us, to force us to worship her dildo cult.

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