Schiff Threatens Republicans: Hold Fair Trial Or ‘Be Held Accountable’

Rep. Adam Schiff warns Senate Republicans to hold fair trial or be held accountable

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff warned Senate Republicans that if they fail to allow witnesses in the impeachment of President Trump, they will be held accountable for their actions.

On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” Schiff declared, “We will be fighting for a fair trial.”

He continued, “If the Senate decides if the Senator McConnell prevails and there are no witnesses, it will be the first impeachment trial that goes to conclusion without witnesses. The atmosphere in the Senate when I came with the other House managers, and we read the articles was one befitting something that has only happened three times in the nation’s history. I intend during the trial to be respectful of the senators, to operate from the presumption that they do take their oath seriously, but also with the knowledge that Americans are watching, that they’re going to demand a fair trial, and if the senators don’t give the country a fair trial, one that’s fair to the president, but also fair to the American people, the senators will be held accountable. So that’s the approach I intend to take.”

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