Seattle’s Femoid MegaCunt Mayor Blames “White Men” For Negroid Rioting

You can always count on the white self-hating liberal female to blame white men for what is obviously an outrageous collective negro chimp out.

Virtually every video coming out about these riots show an overwhelming majority of black people leading the rioting, looting and violence.

There are a million videos and we’ve all seen them. Unless this woman had a big black cock obstructing her view, which is very likely, she would know that too.

The white people involved are all heroin-addicted Antifa communists who support the blacks and hate whites. Even so, the mentally ill whore Jenny Durkan blames “white male privilege” for what white-hating Antifa members and blacks are doing.

All of this is inscrutable nonsense, but then again the female mind doesn’t hold logic or evidence in high esteem.

Only feelings matter, bigot.

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