Selected Articles: US War Agenda: Venezuela before Iran?

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Unlawful Arrests of Venezuelan DC Embassy Protectors Symbolic of US Decadence

By Stephen Lendman, May 19, 2019

According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the premises of embassies, consulates, and other diplomatic facilities are inviolable territory — no one permitted inside without head of mission permission.

US ‘Bid to Destroy Venezuela’ Threatens the Foundations of International Law, Ambassador Warns

By Ben Chacko, May 19, 2019

At a press conference in central London, Ms Maneiro said her country was “under siege,” noting that a blockade designed to “break the nation” had already cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives and that “if the nation resists the US military stands ready to act.”

United States and Venezuela: A Historical Background

By Prof. James Petras, May 18, 2019

US hostility and efforts to overthrow the Venezuelan government forms parts of a long and inglorious history of US intervention in Latin America going back to the second decade of the 19th century.

Trump – from China to Iran to Venezuela – Threats and Sanctions Everywhere – A Chronicle of Disorganized Chaos Foretold

By Peter Koenig, May 17, 2019

Well, in Venezuela “regime change” didn’t work out – so far. Pompeo has been clearly told off by Mr. Lavrov during their recent get-together in Helsinki – and China is in the same line of supporting the government of Nicolas Maduro.

US Illegally Evicts Protectors from Venezuelan Embassy

By Prof. Marjorie Cohn, May 17, 2019

For 36 days, the protectors had lived in the embassy to shield it from a raid by U.S. authorities working in concert with opponents of Venezuela’s lawfully elected president, Nicolás Maduro. Since U.S. officers had refused to allow food into the embassy, only four of the some 50 members of the collective had stayed in order to conserve supplies.

Venezuelan Embassy: Peace Activists Put US Mission on Notice

By Lauren Smith, May 16, 2019

The EPC are US peace activists that are presently safeguarding the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC from self-appointed “president”, coup leader and US puppet, Juan Guaido and his agent Carlos Vecchio.

Guaido Requests US Military ‘Cooperation’ to Oust Maduro as US Vessel Violates Venezuelan Waters

By Paul Dobson, May 14, 2019

During a gathering of supporters in the upper middle class Caracas district of Las Mercedes on Saturday, Guaido informed that he was instructing his representative in the United States, Carlos Vecchio, to establish a “direct relationship” with the US Southern Command(SouthCom), which plans, oversees, and controls all US overt and covert military operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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