Social Engineering

Robert Conquest

by Revilo P. Oliver

ROBERT CONQUEST’S The Harvest of Sorrow, published in this country by the Oxford University Press in New York, is a comprehensive, vivid, and lucid account of a spectacular feat of Social Engineering that has been an inspiration to all true “Liberals” and Communists. Thought of it glows in their idealistic minds and warms their humanitarian hearts, but they will be embarrassed or angry, if you ask them about it.

Iosif Dzhugashvili, alias Stalin, almost certainly was not a Jew,(1) but he assimilated much of the Jewish mentality with which he was in close and intimate contact from his time as a student of Christian theology, throughout his long career as a bandit and assassin, and, most of all, when he became the colleague of two Jews, Ulyanov, alias Lenin,(2) and Bronstein, alias Trotsky, and eventually succeeded to the power of both.

As all egalitarian social reformers well know, a proletarian paradise
cannot become fully operative until all of its inhabitants have been reduced
to constant and total dependence on the whims of bureaucrats who are, in
turn, dependent on their own masters. The slaves may be given an illusion
of freedom, such as Americans now have, but they must be induced to put
themselves utterly in the power of a Hellfare State, such as the one to
which we have subjected ourselves, which has thus far tactfully left unused
some of the crushing powers with which the boobs endowed it.

Given human cupidity and stupidity, it is easy to expand governmental
powers over a few decades to the point at which all urban inhabitants,
rich as well as poor, are totally dependent on their masters’ whims. The
one obstacle to a regime of perfect social justice is, as Lenin saw, the
agrarian part of a population, for they who own land can always feed themselves
and survive, no matter what happens to the rest of the country. Lenin therefore
laid down as a law of revolution the necessity of eliminating farmers and
owners of land, the most odious and reactionary kind of property.

In the United States the liquidation of the farmers has been entrusted
to the Federal Reserve swindlers, who, of course, enjoy the zealous cooperation
of the Jew-owned government. It seems likely that this reform will be completed
satisfactorily in a few more years, and that all arable land will pass
into the possession of large corporations owned by one or another tribe
of our domestic enemies. It will then be possible to start starving the
White urban population, just for the fun of it. Unfortunately the process
does not seem to promise much of the fresh blood that, ever since the French
Revolution, has been as heady a stimulant to world-improvers as is champagne
to other revellers.

At the time of the Judaeo-Communist seizure of the Russian Empire, large
landowners were quite satisfactorily and joyously tortured before they
were shot or their skulls were caved in with iron bars. It was not thought
feasible, however, to deal immediately with small farmers and peasants,
who, by the way, had been cozend with promises that the disguised Jews
who were directing the take-over would kill the Jewish usurers who had
so long battened intolerably on the common folk. It thus fell to Stalin
to complete the Jewish revolution, although he was not a member of God’s

Stalin had the happy idea of using a new technique to carry out the
work: he would send his counterpart of our Federal Marshals to confiscate
“for the common good” all the harvests and foodstuffs on the farms, with
the piquant result that the farmers would starve to death on their own
land, while the grain that had been taken from them was stored under tarpaulins
and left to rot. That really was a novel idea in what “intellectuals” call
social engineering, and they have always honored Stalin for it.

The number of reactionaries who were thus eliminated to facilitate progress
in society has been variously estimated as from seven million to twenty
million, and cannot be precisely determined, since no one kept a count
of the corpses that rotted in the fields or were packed into railway cars
for disposal in isolated quarries and other large garbage-dumps.

For a memorable account of Stalin’s innovative work in social engineering I must refer you to Mr. Conquest’s book.(3) Such things cannot be summarized. You must form your own impressions and draw your own conclusions from a plethora of judiciously selected and typical details. You will find the reading painful, unless you are a real enthusiast for equality and a glorious One World, but you will also receive a lesson you are not likely to forget when you consider the world in which you must live and its probable future.

I mention Stalin’s feat here only to complete your lesson by pointing
out that he merely made an ingenious modification in a system of social
engineering that has been known for many centuries and whole-heartedly
approved by all good Christians. It would be most unfair and unjust to
censure Dzhugashvili for having followed a time-honored precedent that
was emphatically endorsed by the Christians’ god.

One of the episodes in the filthy collection of tales called “Genesis”
in the Jew-book has as its hero a clever young Sheeny named Joseph (YWSF,
which probably meant ‘the extra [son],’ i.e., the youngest). The story
is larded with motifs common to folk-tales throughout the world (e.g.,
elder brothers’ jealousy of a favored younger son; a libidinous matron’s
desire for presumably safe and easy copulation with a handsome young servant
or slave; a family’s inability to recognize a supposedly lost member who
has risen in the world; etc.), but the real substance of the tale is Chapter

The young Kike, taken to Egypt as a slave,(4) crawls upward and, presumably with the help of his tribal god, acquires a reputation as an onei-romancer and so reaches a King of Egypt named ‘The Big House.’ The King is obviously an imbecile, unless we assume that the Jew-god softened his brain, just as on a different occasion he hardened an Egyptian King’s heart so that he could entertain his Chosen Predators by torturing the Egyptians in every possible way before his Chosen swindled the hated and gullible “goyim” and escaped with their loot.

The wily Kike tells the feeble-minded monarch one of the hard-luck stories that Jews habitually use to arouse compassion and folly in the stupid “goyim” and make them pity the poor dears who are always so persecuted. Hordes of Jews swarm into Egypt as ‘refugees,’ and the crazy loon on the throne gives them “best of the land” in all Egypt, the region called Goshen, which will always remain fertile — and in any case, Joseph will see to it that his fellow parasites will always be fed at the expense of the stupid “goyim.”

The swarm of Jews, who poured into Egypt just as they poured into the
United States, having obtained privileged status from their victims, undoubtedly
settled down to swindling the fools who were kind to them, as they always
do, so that it was unnecessary to mention that detail specifically in their
exemplary tale. And, of course, they find offices in the bureaucracy as
economic administrators (“rulers over the cattle”). Thus they help Joseph,
whom the enthroned idiot has given supreme power over the Egyptian economy,
carry out his master plan. And Joseph does, in six neat stages, viz.:

1. He uses the power of the state to confiscate all the Egyptians’ crops
and harvests, and he thus attains an absolute monopoly of all the food
in Egypt.

2. When the famine starts (and, you may be sure, God’s Own continue
to feast on “the fat of the land”), Joseph forces the starving Egyptians
to buy back from him the very food they raised themselves. He thus acquires
“all” the money in Egypt.

3. Then, having neatly impoverished his victims, he forces them to trade
for food all their cattle (which have miraculously survived without fodder
and without giving ideas to their owners).

4. Next, since Joseph has all their cattle, the poor wretches have to
give him all their land in exchange for a little food to nourish themselves
a little while longer.

5. Finally, the wily Kike makes the starving Egyptians sell their own
bodies, all that they have left, into slavery for a dole of the food which
they, remember, raised in the first place.

6. Then Joseph consolidated his good work by hauling the slaves from
their own homes to distant parts of Egypt, thus breaking up families and
placing individuals among strangers, to avert the possibility that they
might exchange ideas with their friends. The Egyptian victims were thus
uprooted and became totally helpless. This final device is proof of Yiddish
foresight and prudence, as was Joseph’s policy of giving the Egyptians’
professional holy men a cut in the racket and making sure that their bellies
remained plump, so that they would know their native gods wanted them to
cooperate with the aliens who had taken over their country.

This, as you will have seen, is a fair summary of the pseudo-historical
fiction, stripped of adventitious decorations and digressions. It’s all
in Chapter 47.

This is the story that has inspired Jews ever since they invented it(5) about twenty-four centuries ago. It is also the story that Aryan Christians have read in their Jew-book for fifteen centuries and more, never feeling in their tender humanitarian hearts the slightest pity for the Egyptian victims, but instead chortling with piety as they saw how their ferocious god takes care of the wily swindlers and gangsters with which he has Chosen to afflict civilized mankind.

So when you read Mr. Conquest’s book, remember, if you are horrified,
that you must not censure Stalin for having ruled by famine and, with only
a small modification, in the very way Christians have always approved,
and must approve now, for although Stalin was himself a ‘gentile,’ God’s
Own profited by the work he did for them.

And I don’t see any reason for pitying the Americans. They had all read
the Jew-book and should have learned much from real history, and they were
not even starving when they threw away their freedom by acquiescing in
the White Slave Act and putting it in their tattered Constitution, by subjecting
themselves economically to the Federal Reserve swindle, and, a little later,
by admitting a swarm of six million more Jews, newly arisen from their
ashes in Germany, into the country they then handed over to God’s Master

Americans are now content to enjoy the freedom of chickens in a chicken-yard,
who are free to run about the yard, scratch, and cackle while they lay
eggs for the profit of their owners, who reward them with a handful of
chicken-feed now and then. The chickens never perceive that they live at
the whim of the owners who potentially have them by the neck. And when
their necks are wrung, it will be too late for chickens and Americans to

Aryans have always admired lions, who fight, to the death, if need be,
to defend their families and their territory, but no one has ever admired
a chicken.


(1) I do not know the etymology of Dzhugashvili’s
name, but the first one or two syllables sound something like ‘Jew’ or
‘Judas,’ and that, I suspect, is what gave rise to the story that his name
means ‘Jew’s son.’ He was born in the territory that we, through a series
of misunderstandings it would be tedious to recount, call Georgia, although
it is called Karthli by the natives, and given other names in Russian and
Persian. That land, ancient Colchis (the land of their Golden Fleece),
a part of the Caucasus, the mountainous region between the Black and Caspian
Seas, is filled with the debris of the many races and sub-races that passed
through it or ruled it for a time, but it may well be that Dzhugashvili
was a real Georgian, and that his name has some meaning in Karthli, their
language which, written in a peculiar alphabet, is not Indo-European, but
belongs to the odd group of related languages called Caucasian, which are
unrelated to other known languages, except insofar as they were influenced
by the languages of more civilized and dominant nations that ruled them
or were important neighbors.

(2) Ulyanov’s mother was a Jewess, so that makes him
a Jew by the Jews’ orthodox definition of their race.

(3) A good supplement to, and confirmation of, Mr. Conquest’s book is Execution by Hunger, the Hidden Holocaust, published by Norton in New York. The author, who writes under the name of Miron Dolet, was a fifteen-year-old boy in the Ukraine in 1932-1933 and an eyewitness of Judaeo-Communist social engineering, which had the incidental purpose of exterminating large numbers of Ukranians. Incidentally, as a minor linguistic point, I remark that since “ukraine” is a word meaning `frontier,’ the proper construction in English is ‘the Ukraine,’ since it designates a geographical region, like ‘the Sudan,’ ‘the Punjab,’ ‘the Southwest,’ and innumerable others. The proper name for the country is “Ukrania,” and from it is derived the ethnic term ‘Ukranian.’ I remark on this obvious fact only because some time ago a friend of mine, who sent me photocopies of articles and letters in the Ukranian Weekly and other publications, informed me that, for some inexplicable reason, the Ukranians in this country seem offended by the definite article in ‘the Ukraine’ and want to change the fixed usage of the English language, rather than use the correct term for their nation, ‘Ukrania.’

(4) That reminds one of a trick that the Jews used
to great advantage in the Roman Empire, in which they had a virtual monopoly
of the slave-trade. A venal Roman would, for a small fee, ‘buy’ a nice
Jew from a Jewish slave- merchant and then legally ‘liberate’ his new slave,
thus making the Jew a Roman citizen.

(5) The source of the Jews’ fiction was, of course, the Egyptian story about seven years of famine during the reign of Djoser (whom you remember as the builder of the famous step-pyramid). This may be only a folk-tale, comparable to the canard about young Washington and the cherry tree, but it may have been suggested by the historical famine during the reign of Unas at the end of the Fifth Dynasty, which must have been caused by inadequate inundations of the Nile in several successive years. (In later ages, Unas was an almost forgotten monarch, while Djoser was remembered as one of the great early kings.) The prosperity of Egypt depended on the annual flooding of the Nile, the source of water in a rainless climate. If the inundations were below normal, the harvests were small, and paradoxically a very high flood could have much the same result by destroying the irrigation system. From our earliest records, the most important officials in the Egyptian kings’ administration were charged with the collection of taxes in kind and the storage of foodstuffs for later use, and this system naturally evolved into one of assurance against low inundations by the storage of food in normal years. The parasitic race flourishes by filching ideas and myths as well as property, and it is quite possible that the tale about Joseph was devised to claim for the Jews credit for the administrative system of the Egyptian kings. If it seems improbable to you that so crude a story, evincing so little knowledge of Egyptian life and history, could have been seriously intended to deceive contemporaries when it was composed, remember that in our own times the Jews have concocted such crude hoaxes as “Anne Frank’s Diary” and the “Holocaust.” There are no assignable limits to their racial impudence.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine

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