Sometimes The Law Needs To… HANG ‘EM HIGH!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

United States of America, Prattville, Alabama, 2016 Anno Domini: In the space of only a 48 hours, local blacks in totally unrelated criminal acts, kill two perfectly innocent White people in a little nowhere Southern burg. Probably a place not a whole lot different from Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. Or used to be, anyways.

Black 72 year-old murder victim, Carol Parker Nunnery.

Black murder victim, 72 year-old Carol Parker Nunnery. What on God’s Green Earth makes these evil bastards commit crimes like this?

On May 22, John Michael Taylor, 56, was found clinging to life out in the street with a bullet to his chest. The poor man soon died. Seems two 14 and 15 year-old chimp teens and an adult Negro (photo below) robbed and fired a round into the guy for reasons unknown — maybe because he was a White person and they didn’t get enough money out of him. I couldn’t even find one single photo of the murdered man published in the traitorous GD lousy local media. It’s like the guy never existed. The media liberals don’t care.

Then just a couple of days later, Carol Parker Nunnery, a locally beloved 72 year-old White woman and civic leader, was found murdered outside of town near a swamp. The cause of death was “…by a blunt object and/or vehicle….” which means her corpse must have looked pretty messed the hell up. Apparently, her black killer ran back and forth over the woman with her own car. There’s also a good chance the dirty animal beat and raped her before killing her. No telling when it comes to these brutal, murderous bastards since the media fails to cover black-on-White crime to any extent. Blacks do this crap all the time to elderly White women.

People ask me in my moderated comments section here, or sometimes in real life: “why are you so hateful of the poor oppressed Negro, INCOG MAN?” Uh, brainiacs, these filthy apes are GD murderous that’s why, moron!


Everyday I read about more sexual assaults, more rapes, more murders and sometimes Whites even getting burned alive by this evil sadistic race. For crying out loud, the stinking bastards stab and shoot each other in the streets over chicken bones all the time, what makes you think they won’t kill your pearly white ass for grins? Or as payback for slavery since you’re White and deserve it for practicing stealth racism, or so they say.

Sure, that might be racist in itself, but only Whitey-be-racist you know!

Back in the day they used to hang these animals from trees after they committed crimes on White people. Whites simply would not stand for it. Blacks were/are capable of all kinds of incredible, horrific crimes — even rape and murder of little White children is not unheard of by these ugly animals.

As Sven Longshanks at Aryan Nations says:

The Blacks never have been capable of self control and most of the Europeans [Whites] that were putting pressure on America to end slavery had never even set eyes on one before. They believed all the abolitionist nonsense that the Negro was just the same as a White man and had no idea of the horrendous crimes that he was capable of.

Leo Frank was rightfully convicted of raping and murdering a little White girl and sentenced to hang. When Jewry tried to get his sentence commuted with backroom dealings, Whites strung him up. Jews to this day say he was innocent and even blame a black man for the crime.

In 1913, Jew pervert Leo Frank, was convicted of raping and murdering a beautiful young White girl in his employ, Mary Phagan, and rightfully sentenced to hang. When Global Jewry tried to get his sentence commuted with tricky-dick backroom dealings, Whites from all parts of society strung the dirty little bastard up. Rich Jewry to this day feels free to brainwash our race that Frank was innocent (they have even erected cast iron public signs proclaiming Southern Whites as so terrible). The backstabbing hypocrites also try to imply a black guy must have killed the little girl in the first place.

White people just don’t seem to get it about this violent, criminal race. Oh, I know the reasons why alright. Jewish-owned media has been promoting them for decades now. Hell, just turn on the TV for a lousy five minutes and you’ll see something obviously proving this. It’s ridiculous!

In fact, black criminal behavior is even getting worse. The more insolent they get, the more crime they commit.

Every single day across America these crazy, violent blacks do something or other totally wacked. Like Longshanks says in the above quote, blacks lack self control. Always have. That’s why you have 69 of them getting shot in CHIMP-chago over the last Memorial Day weekend alone, with many dying. They shoot and stab each other all the time over practically anything: Dime bags, ham sandwiches, cell phones, you name it, murderous blacks will kill you dead over it.

And believe me, just because you’re a lovable and liberal White person is NOT going to stop them AT ALL. Hell, that will make it even funnier for these black racists to kill you. They hate you simply because of what us Whites supposedly did to Kunte Kinte (a totally fictional character made up by a black plagiarizer). Which is basically anti-White racism once you analyze it out.

LOGAN TIPTON INSETGuns only make it easier for these brutal bastards. But not having a gun, doesn’t stop them. They’ll still bludgeon you to death with any handy two-by-four or sledgehammer, or simply stab you or one of your children to death with a big kitchen knife stolen out of your own kitchen in the middle of the night in a drug-fueled rage.

Guns give Whites some degree of protection from these violent animals and often saves our lives when these brutal bastards break into our homes, looking for drug money, or money to finance new pimping operations on the streets of our once beautiful cities — now turned into Third World sleaze holes.

It actually happens fairly often, you just don’t hear anything since the media (AGAIN!) rarely reports such events because practically all of the perps are black or illegal alien Mestizo criminals — who shouldn’t even be allowed to walk free on our streets.*

What don’t you get about the BS?

Whenever a White does something bad, they report on it like crazy — often covering the trial gavel-to-gavel in a ridiculous media circuses, where everything the White person did (male or female) is headlined nationally like it was such a terrible thing. The national media (like the Associated Press) has lately been trying to obfuscate this decades-long disparity by now reporting on fairly minor black crime, but this is actually only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to black crime in America. Blacks murder up to 200 of us White people each and every month and up to around 90 of themselves every lousy day.

Now you know why the phrase, “black lives matter,” pisses off so many Whites? It’s like a sick joke on decent White people. The hypocrisy these days stinks to high heaven.

But Jews don’t want White Americans having guns. They greatly fear us going all Nazis on their stinking asses once again — especially should we finally get it about the Jew-globalist NWO, the Federal Reserve rip-off, Jew-racist, anti-Arab (including Christian Palestinians) Zionist Israel and them promoting non-White Third Worlder invasions of our lands to dilute our racial numbers and political power.

And they could care less whenever us White “goyim” (what they call us) fall victim to blacks. Look at how they’ve been obscuring or censoring black crime for decades now. They’ve always known the truth about black behavior — only by keeping Whites in the dark have they gotten away with it all.

And to top it all off, we have to see these black bastards portrayed in the media like wonderful heroes all the time. Hell, they even have them in each and every GD TV commercial looking all sweet and nice. It’s ridiculous the BS these media Jews and libtards are now forcing down our throats!

Us Whites are definitely getting screwed royally.

— Phillip Marlowe

*In no way am I saying hereditary Spanish Whites born and bred in America are bad. It’s just the low class Central American Indians and half breed criminals or Mestizos. Spanish people will definitely back up what I say — unless they’ve been brainwashed with militancy by Jewry. Like radicalized feminism, Latinos as a class at odds with Whites is HUGE BS deal created by the subversive Jewry to further PC control over European Whites — Spanish included. Jewry has been in guerilla “PSYOPS” war with Christian Caucasian Gentiles for hundreds of years — it’s now getting worse by the day!


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