South Africa: Woman & Elderly Parents Kidnapped and Murdered By Black Animals

South African blacks have made killing white people a national pastime after the Mandela “revolution” aided by the devious jews.

Daily Mail:

Three members of the same family were kidnapped in a horrific attack on a farm in South Africa then driven out into the wilds in their own cars to be be brutally slaughtered. 

Daniel Brand, 82, his wife Hybrecht, 73, and their daughter Elizabeth, 53, went missing from their rural home near Hartswater in the Northern Province on Sunday night.

Elizabeth, known by her nickname Elzabie, had been visiting for Sunday lunch – but her body was found on Tuesday morning by a drone operator. 

The bodies of her parents were found at around 5pm Tuesday. ‘They’ve just found my parents. They’re gone,’ a heartbroken son-in-law Wikus Taljaard told News24.

The family had received no further information but four suspects have now been arrested.

The initial three suspects that were arrested were a 42-year-old woman and two males, aged 18 and 19 years. Police have just arrested a fourth suspect, aged 20,’ police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo said on Tuesday. 

Worried relatives drove out to the smallholding at noon on Monday after they failed to get in contact with the family. 

They found the home empty. It had been ransacked and there were blood stains inside. 

Daniel’s Nissan Micra and Elizabeth’s silver Mazda were also missing from their drive.  

It is not known how Elizabeth was killed but a member of the police search and rescue team said finding her body was ‘extremely distressing’ due to her condition.

She was found near Takaneng Village in Taung, a 30-minute drive from the house, and is believed to have been driven there by the kidnappers in her own car. One of the missing cars was found nearby.

Blacks are extremely envious of South African whites who have always been overachievers compared with the mentally handicapped blacks of the region. Even after apartheid ended and the negroid government implemented anti-white policies to strip whites of wealth and land and give it to undeserving black retards, many whites still do better than blacks because they’re competent and productive people.

South Africa’s blacks don’t know how to do anything but rape, rob and murder white farmers as revenge for outperforming the blacks in every conceivable way.

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