Spain’s Commie Government Drafts Law to Punish Public Praise of Hero Franco

The commie faggots running Spain are on an outrageous power trip, now attempting to make it illegal to say anything positive about Spanish patriot hero Francisco Franco.

El Pais:

The Spanish Cabinet on Tuesday approved a draft bill containing a raft of measures that address the legacy of the Civil War (1936-39) and the Francisco Franco regime, which lasted until the dictator’s death in 1975.

The Democratic Memory bill, which builds on existing historical memory legislation, contemplates closing down associations that still glorify the late dictator’s memory, including the Francisco Franco Foundation, which will be declared illegal.

The text also proposes extending eligibility for Spanish citizenship to the descendants of members of the International Brigades, who fought on the republican side in the war.

“The descendants of the members of the International Brigades who fought for freedom and against fascism in Spain will be eligible for Spanish nationality. It was time for this government to say to these heroes and heroines of democracy: thank you for coming,” tweeted Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, who serves as the Deputy PM in charge of social affairs and the 2030 Agenda.

With this bill, the government also wants to turn the Valley of the Fallen, a controversial, state-run civil war memorial outside Madrid, into a place of collective memory. Last year Franco’s remains were exhumed from the site and transferred to a Madrid cemetery following a long legal battle with the dictator’s descendants.

The bill also makes provisions for the creation of a specialized prosecutor’s office for democratic memory and human rights, and for a national DNA bank to help with the exhumation of victims from mass graves, to be funded with public money. Forensic expert Francisco Etxeberria, who has advised the government during the drafting of the bill, estimates that between 20,000 and 25,000 bodies could be recovered from mass graves in the next four to five years.

“This is an important law for the government, but also for Spanish democracy,” said Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo, of the Socialist Party (PSOE), on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who leads a minority government in coalition with the leftist Unidas Podemos, had pledged to improve on the 2007 Historical Memory law passed under the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, also of the PSOE. But Sánchez will need to secure additional support to get the bill through parliament.

These left-wing faggots in Spain have held a grudge against Franco since he defeated the satanic Reds in the civil war. Last year they dug Franco out of his grave at the Valley of the Fallen. Now they want to make it illegal to tell the truth about Franco’s heroic deeds to save Spain from bloody Bolshevism.

Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sanchez, the president and vice president of Spain, are both hardcore commie reds who openly praise the communist international brigades who slaughtered priests, nuns and civilians who didn’t align with their hellish agenda to rid Spain of traditional values.

Supporters of the “Spanish Republic” today are almost exclusively homosexuals, feminists and nigger-lovers. All of Spain’s degenerates idolize the left-wing forces who tried to institute transgenderism, LGBT rights, feminism and other forms of witchcraft in the 1930s, which Franco thankfully put a stop to.

These power-mad maniacs want to put a muzzle on any speech that doesn’t conform to their deviant anal sex and pedophile agenda.

This is why white right-wingers need a clean separations from this scum horde.

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