State Of Survival mobile game is the biggest Rip-off in the history of Gaming



Remember when we wrote a few articles a few years ago heavily criticizing the In-App Purchases scam scheme? Well now, at least those games had some limits, at least in those games you could buy and buy and buy and buy, spend $1000, spend $2000, spend $5000 and finally you reach a limit, finally you bought everything and you unlocked the game in its full. After you did that and you still had a functioning brain, you realize that you just threw thousands of precious dollars away on the window on some meaningless app which you will eventually stop playing some day. Such is the case of the majority of mobile games nowadays but hey we’ve got a new Taiwanese game for you in store: STATE OF SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mother of all in-app purchases. In this game you don’t actually have a limit and you never fully unlock as per-say the entire game, you can just buy virtual stuff unlimited, like forever, sell your car, sell your house, put it all in this game…. There are actually people out there who like fools spent as much as $10,000. Just imagine buying a Windows PC game with an upfront payment of $10,000, like Call of Duty or FIFA 2021 for example. Wouldn’t you think this is insane? Well somehow people spent that sum on this crappy Taiwanese game and some probably don’t even feel any remorse for it. Now this is a classic example why the wrong people have too much money and the right people either don’t have any or just a little. Give it to the poor instead, donate it to a homeless person not to a low-life Asian scam game.

This game is getting popular mostly because of fake YouTube ads where they show Zombie invasions, fights, invading your base, overwhelming, etc when in reality the game has little to do with zombies and almost everything to do with other players. Its a Player Vs Player war game with a zombie spin. Your entire interaction with zombies is when you make a rally on some infected fiends (small bosses) for basically unknown reasons because the rewards are crap, when you attack zombie packs in the wild also for unknown reasons because the rewards are even crappier and when in the morning you wake up and you find a useless zombie pack at your barricaded door mumbling like retards to get in. All you need to do is a single tap on them to destroy them and you’re back to normal. The only single real interaction with zombies which is actually fun is the explore mode. Some of the bosses there are ridiculously annoying like the fat boss who farts to regenerate life and throws exploding half-corpses at you, that thing is almost impossible to kill later on in game no matter how much you upgrade your heroes. Its not enough that it does super heavy damage when a corpse blows up near your heroes, taking more than half of their lives but just when you thought you did some damage to the farting boss, bam, he farts and he regenerates back to full life again… then there’s also another fat boss who slams his hand to the ground and he can even be in the total opposite part of the area but he will still take a lot of damage to your heroes when he slams the ground. That one is also super annoying and almost impossible to kill. Other than those 2, the others are fun to fight with, hard but doable.

Now back to the cash milking scheme… the game has “Events” where it basically just asks players to do certain tasks to get rewards. Problem with those events is that they not only give the stated rewards but there are also hidden EXTRA rewards which most of the times are better than the rewards of the event itself. Those are called the Ranking Rewards where you get tens of thousands of almost completely useless biocaps (diamonds, gems) + valuable speedups and legendary fragments needed to upgrade your heroes. Problem is these rewards are for the entire state and the spenders will ALWAYS get those and not only that but at some point they will ALWAYS get them regardless of if they continue to spend more or not. Because lets say you get 80 hours of speedups in rewards for ranking first, well obviously now you have enough speedups to rank first AGAIN, in the next event. This is just down-right retarded. Whoever came up with this idea must have been dropped in the head as a baby or something because the players who are on top will just continue to be on top forever and ever and at that point even if you decide to become a spender also you will simply not ever reach them because they are basically getting rewarded to stay on top forever. Once you catch that lucky train you will never loose it unless you stop playing for a lot of days or weeks. This creates huge discrepancies among players and this is why the game is a total mess suffering from tens of thousands of players just abandoning their accounts because there are simply no incentives to play anymore after a certain point.

It is simply abnormal to have such discrepancies among players. Imagine playing Mortal Kombat which is also PVP where Raiden throws one punch and takes 90% of his enemy’s life while Sub-Zero throws one punch to take only 1% of the enemy’s life. Or imagine playing Call of Duty multiplayer where you have a normal rifle while your enemy has a special rife which kills everyone with one shot regardless of where the bullet hit, arm, leg, wherever. What’s the point of playing? There needs to be equality among players. Of course not total equality as yeah spenders do need to differentiate themselves somehow but this is just not the way when you have a spender with 200 Million Battle Power who only plays a few minutes or hours a day and non-spender with only 50 Million who plays non-stop day and night trying to catch up with the spenders… The problem is the game doesn’t care about the non-spenders as they are only after your credit card but there’s a catch which they didn’t understand. They don’t care about the non-spenders but everyone else does. You can’t have an alliance or a game or anything without those pesky non-spenders. They are crucial to the game but because they are mistreated (not by alliance members, but by the game developers) then they simply just quit the game entirely and then the spenders quit also… I know clear examples of someone who was a super-spender, reached level 30 HQ in less than a month, had a top alliance number 3, his non-spender members just started to quit and quit and quit and then the spenders also started to quit and quit and even the alliance leader dismantled the alliance and quit the game entirely after investing all the cash into it. Some moved to other alliances but some just quit the game entirely.

The top spender will obviously become the governor and he will never be dethroned unless he quits the game but who would quit at that point? So playing a game which you basically know you will never have the chance of winning? There is no “win” per-say but becoming the governor should be considered winning… Wouldn’t it make more sense if everyone had powers according to the work they put in and everybody had a real chance at becoming the governor some day?

The game is handicapped and it has reached almost a point of total collapse as people are quitting the game, states are dying and become inactive because new players are sent to newly created states where they all start from 0. So people are quitting older states but nobody new is added to them unless someone chooses to manually go there, and even THAT is limited, you can only do so in the first 5 days while maximum level 6… Yup, some veeeery smart people designed this game… It is understandable that you shouldn’t be able to port to newer states where everyone is weak but why can’t you move to a older states? Lets say you are from state 200, you should be able to move to 195 for example, at any time as this would be in your disadvantage and back to 200 but never to 201 for example… whatever! Chinese intelligence at work here! (Taiwanese are Chinese)

They are now thinking about merging states because people are simply not playing anymore under such vile conditions but merging states is almost impossible. What are they gonna do with the alliances and the territories they conquered with towers? It has even come to the point where strong spender players avoid attacking weaker players too often as to not make them rage quit the game as the states are already filled up with more abandoned accounts than active ones. Wouldn’t it be more normal to be some sort of EQUALITY among the players??? You simply just cannot have a normal successful PVP game like this. Those who are already rich don’t need to become even richer. There shouldn’t have been such a thing as Ranking Rewards. Of course it is convenient to those in the top who benefit from them and if you ask them what’s their opinion well obviously they enjoy getting all the goodies but what about the rest? This is like privileges for the elites. Ohh you just spent all your speedups to rank number 1? Well no worries, here’s your speedups back so you can advance even faster and rank number 1 again in the next event…. Jeeeeesus Christ, who came up with this???

There are also events impossible to ever complete, like today’s events for example for Halloween in Devil’s Night. You are asked to reach about 600K points by using hero gear parts or biocaps. Problem is, there are only so many upgrades for the hero parts and if you already maxed them, bye bye, or even if you haven’t maxed them, the highly intelligent game awards only 20 points per 1 hero gear part. Well let’s say you do 2 upgrades to legendary and use like 1280 parts which is a lot of parts actually… you only earn 25600 points for the event while you need 600K to complete the event, here take a look:

The Hero Gear Designs seem to grant more points but problem is they are too rare and nobody really has enough to make a single upgrade using them. There are only 3 parts awarded after every Influencer Trap and you need 150 for the first tier 3 upgrades (the brutal sets) and almost nobody was able to score well in this event, not even top players. This is not how you celebrate Halloween…

Using biocaps is also not an option as most likely not only you don’t have enough biocaps to complete the event but there’s literally NOTHING to spend them on. This is why we said that biocaps are ALMOST completely useless. This is perhaps the first and only game in the world where only REAL money will get you somewhere while gems, diamonds (in this case biocaps) get you nowhere and nothing. There is literally nothing of value you can buy with the biocaps. Not even a second permanent construction slot or a HQ skin or a frame or something. If you don’t buy it with real money, they just ask you to buy it for 2 days for 500 biocaps over and over again… Then there’s the VIP store and the Biocap store where you can actually buy some useless crap, nothing of good value, but even there purchases are LIMITED. Like you can only buy 50 speedups for example, after which you need to wait 2-3 more days for the store to refresh…… the task is literally impossible to complete. You have nothing to spend biocaps on unless you wanna simply throw them away on useless junk you have no use for. Biocaps are useful sometimes such as in the case of buying buffs or march accelerators and stuff and this is exactly why you SHOULDN’T throw them away on useless garbage in the VIP store and Biocap store.

Now if you think that’s bad, wait there’s more. There is actually MORE stupid stuff going on in this game. At the same time with this Devil’s Night event there’s also the usual boring Survival of the Fittest event and they didn’t even synced the days to ask for the same things. So while TODAY Devil’s Night is asking for Hero Gear Parts while Survival of the Fittest is going to ask for Hero Gear Parts TOMORROW! As if you have an infinite amount of parts at your disposal or an infinite amount of upgrades to make in both events. Remember you can only make a few upgrades after which you’re maxed and you don’t even win parts so easily. These two events should have been synced and both should have asked for hero gear parts in the same day. Then there’s also the infected farmer thing. They gave this zombie boss which gave like a few biocaps and speedups which could have been a boost especially for the speedups, it was worth to attack him and waste your stamina on it but hey you can’t even joyfully do that as you might gather too many speedups, no no no!!!!!!!!! Speedups are for the spenders only don’t you know??!!!!!!!!!!  There was an actual limit in attacking the farmer. 1 per hour……….. unbelievable…. Guaranteed everyone was left with dozens of useless pumpkins in their backpacks. At least they should have allowed to use the pumpkins at any given time, to spawn a farmer. Wouldn’t this be smarter? Imagine keeping your pumpkins and spawning a farmer in the middle of summer 2021 or maybe in spring of 2021, out of the blue, surprising your alliance members, wouldn’t everyone be shocked? OHHHHH WOW you still have those?? But nope “Event finished” error is what the game developers prefer… according to their twisted minds, this is better. How would you using a pumpkin to spawn a farmer in April 2021 for example affect them?? What loss would they have? Absolutely NONE, they did the same with the Lab Access Cards for the Infected Scientists, Birthday Hats for Troublemaker Todd, etc. A lot of stuff is incoherent and illogical in this game.

Another example of pure idiocracy in the game is the map searches in HERO Precinct. Even though you are searching for Hero fragments in the Hero Precinct, when you do Advanced Searches, you RARELY get a hero fragment. Most of the times you just get tomatoes, gas, wood and other useless stuff. The Epic Searches are a bit more normal but not by far… The rewards in those map searches should never contain any resources and they should ALWAYS contains at least 1 hero fragment + skill books + combat manuals, chief gear tools, hero gear parts, only things necessary for heroes because that’s why they are called hero searches… whatever.

Now while we’re at heroes talking about them, everyone acts as if its normal but nobody really knows what the hell are Hero Gear and Chief Gear? Ok Hero Gear is obviously equipment for the heroes but what in the world is chief gear??? Extra armor for the heroes??? You put armor over your armor? Two pair of shoes? It makes no sense whatsoever, nor is it explained anywhere who is the “chief” is because you also have a thing called “chief xp” which is just completely retarded. Who is the chief? Seriously? Sarge? But he already has hero gear so what’s with the chief gear and chief xp? Whatever…

Don’t get us wrong, the concept of the game is very interesting despite not being original and just a stolen idea from other similar mobile games which predate this one. This game is very catchy, addicting and has its charms which keeps you playing as if you always have some mini-task to do, timer help your allies, collect rss, do intel, explore, chat with colleagues, upgrade a hero, etc.

The game is an example of pure corporate greed, no matter how hard you work you can never achieve enough in this game if you don’t pay at the very least $2000. They don’t even give a skin or a frame for free no matter what you do. I mean sure they are giving now the Halloween permanent skin for free but only to the top 10 spenders who rank first in the event. Paying for them makes sense for players who do not play enough and do not do the tasks but giving them for free to players who work hard to accomplish certain tasks also makes even better sense but that’s just not the case in this game. They are just out of reach if you are a non-spender. They won’t even give the skins with no benefits for free, let alone those which add +5% attack or defense or something… you can’t even buy them with the almost completely useless biocaps, only with real money and lots and lots of them, pure corporate greed.

This article will probably be updated with more information in the future as more ideas and complains pileup.

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