Stopping White Genocide: An Israeli View

We have to remember that the criminal globalist elite and their assistants in politics, police, and media represent a very tiny minority in the population of the West and that they are dependent on White society’s cooperation for their control. Once large segments of white society stop supporting the genocidal system, the system will come crashing down. The EU will collapse as was the case in the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Block countries. 

Once EU control is over, each nation would revert back to its national and ethnic independence in which case the much-needed process of repatriation of the non-white alien populations in Europe can begin.


Ordinary ethnic European citizens in Western Europe and other westerners worldwide should form Militias and find ways to arm themselves for any upcoming civil war, either by buying weapons in the Black market or importing weapons from the relatively “free” Eastern European nations, especially from Russia. The three branches of the Aryan Race (Germanic, Celtic and Slavic) must unite as brothers and sisters for the survival of the European peoples. Only by unity can the ethnic Europeans win.


The non-Europeans “immigrating” (i.e. invading) into Europe are NOT “refugees” (Even if they were, they have no justification being in Europe). These are mainly economic migrants along with few Islamic Jihadists who seek to spread Islam into the West. With the help of the real enemy (i.e. Globalists, Liberals, Cabalist Jews, Marxists, and traitors) these non-white invaders seek to exploit and displace Europeans, take their women and take over their lands eventually, wiping out the native European populations. These invaders want to achieve all that with the help of the whites’ tax money and count on white naivete to achieve their territorial aims. Therefore any economic means of existing and breeding in Europe must be taken away from them.

Once their economic lifeline is cut, they won’t have any other choice but to return in mass to their ancestral homelands – where they belong. Those who voluntary remove themselves will be given any assistance, including financial support to move (recent arrivals will not be included in that.)


Merkel-684723.jpgThose who are directly involved in the promotion of the genocide against the ethnic Europeans, either by allowing the invasion into Europe or by turning a blind eye on migrant invasion and criminal behaviors, should be brought before a national tribunal and publicly punished either by the death penalty or by imprisonment for their entire lives.

Those of the establishment (Politicians, Police, Media) who aren’t directly involved in the crimes against the White race but had served the system in one way or another, should also be punished by denying them any right to be employed in any public service (i.e. Police, Military, Government services etc) or engage in any political activity in the future including the right to vote.

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