Stuck at home, ‘Eretz Nehederet’ TV comics sing about virus closure

Comics from TV satire comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” reminded Israelis they are all in the same boat with a touching, if sarcastic, song performed on Zoom with their partners and children about the current coronavirus situation.

Gathered in each of their homes, dressed in hoodies and yoga pants, hair mussed (particularly actor Lior Ashkenazi) and kids climbing on them, the comedians sang for two minutes about the inane, annoying and humorous aspects of the last two weeks of life under quarantine and closure.

Some of the cast members, Eyal Kitzis, Eli Finish and Eran Zarahovitsh, only sang along in the refrain, while most of the others had solos in this ditty that reminds many of how similar their situations are right now.

It was two minutes of scenarios currently playing out in millions of Israeli homes, a twist on the usual political humor and satire generally offered by this group of veteran comedians. The Keshet show that has been around for 17 years.

Led by Udi Kagan on keyboard with his daughter, the song is roughly translated as follows:

“Played Taki [card game] from 6:00 a.m.,
Reorganized the closet,
Did an hour of arts and crafts,
Had a Zoom conversation with Grandma, (Shani Cohen)
(Turn the camera around, you’re showing the teapot).
What’re you complaining about,
It’s like two weeks in a vacation cabin,
No, sweeties, it’s like putting a finger in the electric socket, (Roy Bar Natan)
It’s nice that we’re all together.
No, the time isn’t passing,
It’s a family in closure,
Every minute Yonit [newscaster Yonit Levi] says it’s just getting worse, (Alma Zack and Alon Neumann)
We heard Static and Benel [musical duo Static and Ben El Tavori]
And fuckin’ Eden Hason [young Israeli singer]
I got XBox on the head, and lost my memory, (Mariano Edelman)
I got XBox on the head, and lost my memory,
We played a long game of Catan,
My throat is hurting,
I haven’t showered for a while
I haven’t changed my underwear, (Yuval Semo)
Two weeks without work,
Another round of this, and I’m packing a suitcase
Pay attention to the kid,
And then you’ll understand
She’s getting a sea of attention, from Michal the little one (Lior Ashkenazi)
The time isn’t passing — the family’s in closure
Take a spritz of Alcogel [sanitizing gel]
Put a spritz in your mouth and gargle,
I can’t handle another round of Bar Siman-tov’s [Moshe Bar Siman-tov, the Health Ministry CEO] explanations (Yuval Semo)
The time isn’t passing
I ordered tons of tuna like an idiot (Roy Bar-Natan)
Family’s in closure
We played Taki from 6.”


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