Stupid Jew Michael Rapaport, Supposedly an Actor, Demands You Stay Inside, Goyim!

The stupid Jew Michael Rapaport, who people say is an actor but which I couldn’t independently confirm, is telling people to drag their “punk, shit-stained” children into their homes and keep them there.

For some reason, when the government wants people to conform to a certain type of hive behaviour, they call up shit-eating celebrities and get them to tell people to get in line with the government’s directive because they think we’re all retards who just follow whatever celebrities say.

The sad truth is that they’re right. Most citizens are complete buffoons and lemmings who just follow what celebrities say.

It is unclear why this Jew is talking like a negro from the Baltimore projects.

Perhaps he believes that by pretending to be a negroid gangster more people will like him and believe the unverified claim that he is a working actor.

Or maybe he is married to a big-booty black female and the only way she will have sex with him is if he acts like a nigger from the hood.

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