Suspicious Man Boards Public Bus With Dog, But Driver Feels Something’s Wrong and Doesn’t Let Dog Off With Him

It’s not that rare that we witness stories of bus drivers being hailed heroes for their acts that happen on their job. They meet numerous people every single day and can sense if something isn’t right. Yes, these people seem to have that super power.

Mike Thomas, a bus driver at TriMet, was on the Line 54 route to the Portland City Center in Oregon when he spotted an unusual sight.

A man with a dog was in the middle of the road and seemed to be a bit confused as one of the cars swerved to avoid hitting him. He was basically walking in the middle of the traffic.

When Mike slowed the bus, the man asked to board and grabbed the dog’s collar in a manner that showed he didn’t really care for the animal. In fact, the man hesitated whether to take the Lab with him or leave him behind.

Mike then asked him if the dog was his, to which he replied “Yes, but he’s ok.” Mike, however, insisted that the man take the dog in.

“I said, ‘No you need to get your dog, he’s in the road.’ So he called. He said ‘come here,’ but he didn’t say the dog’s name. The dog came back and he pulled the dog on by the collar.”

The man then asked the dog to board, but didn’t call him by his name. That raised red flags.

As the whole thing was odd from the beginning, Mike was all eyes and ears, trying to figure out what was going on. He then heard the man chatting with a female passenger, asking whether she wanted to take the dog. Who would offer a dog to a stranger, unless the animal wasn’t his in the first place.

It was obvious that man wasn’t the real owner of the sweet canine whose real name was Cooper.

“Things didn’t fit together so I let him know that I just wasn’t buying it.”

When they finally arrived at the end of the line, the man tried getting off the bus with Cooper, but Mike didn’t let him leave with the dog.

“I grabbed Cooper’s collar and said the dog’s gonna stay with me. I would be getting him back to his family.”

Cooper’s mom, Jane Murphy, who was in Hawaii at the time, was devastated to learn her dog got either lost or stolen. She left him under her son’s care, but Cooper went missing when the boy was at work one night.

Her fears for Cooper’s safety were put to an end when she got a message from the transit police.

“Your dog has been found. He’s on a TriMet bus. He was brought back home a little after midnight.”

Jane couldn’t thank Mike enough for saving Cooper.

“It brings great pride that there are some really good people in this world. Who are willing to go out that extra mile for our four-legged animals,” she wrote.

TriMet released a statement saying their bus drivers can do it all.

“They get thousands of people safely where they need to go every day. They provide customer service, give direction and offer assistance. And in the case of operator Mickeal “Mike” Thomas, they even rescue dogs.”

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