Sweden: 19-Year-Old Gets Killed Trying to Save Woman From Sudanese Rapist

Welcome to Sweden where rape-mad Sudanese gentlemen run the show.


Tommie Lindh, 19, in the town of Härnösand had died of knife injuries after being subjected to a murder attempt on Sunday morning. As always, the Swedish state channel SVT chose not to publish information about neither the victim nor the killer’s ethnic background. However, so did the new media in our neighboring country.

[The Sudanese] was arrested for both murder, serious rape, rape, serious threats and serious abuse. A third person must also have been abused by the man. According to the online newspaper Nyheter Today , the man is a Swedish citizen since 2011, but born in Sudan and lives in Härnösand.

It was after the second rape that the 19-year-old Swedish man must have tried to stop the Sudan and was stabbed so seriously that he died from his injuries in hospital.

Scandza Forum posted about it.

Now, I’m in two minds about this.

It goes without saying that the Sudanese rapebeasts should have never been allowed into the country and this man would still be alive if that were the case.

But, I believe his action to be a White Knight and risk his life (indeed, lose his life) in order to “save” this girl from a rape was misguided in the current climate.

The truth about Sweden is that the rape-mad sub-Saharan immigrants are overrunning the country because leftist Swedish women have brought them there. Swedish leftism is almost entirely driven by women and feminism. The Swedish government officially calls itself “a feminist government”. Leftism and feminism are heavily intertwined, there is no separating the two. You may as well call Swedish leftism womanism.

The men in Sweden who go along with these women’s insane suicidal agenda seem to be doing so because they want to maintain access to their wives’ and girlfriends’ vaginas. Some of the men may be true believers, but most I suspect just want feminist pussy.

Some Twitter users are calling the slain Swede a hero.

While well-intentioned, these sentiments are misguided.

My position is that no red-pilled white man has any “duty” to hurl himself into harm’s way like a human meat sack to “save” a female who was probably a leftist anyway. The Swedish female he died to “save” most likely hated his guts for being a white male. Some are suggesting this guy was a nationalist himself. Is it a white man’s duty to save leftist white women from a demise that they brought on themselves by voting for left-wing globalist parties and supporting the agenda of white genocide from A to Z? Hell no.

Sweden is ruled by feminist women and they invited savages into their country because they hate white men. It’s NO white man’s duty to save any of these women from the nightmare they purposely created to harm a white man’s society out of spite.

“Saving” women is a fruitless endeavor, anyway. There is no thanks for it, only ungratefulness. These women need to learn the hard way the mistake they have made in voting for the destruction of their race and culture. The African rapebeasts are going to do their thing and the leftist white women deserve to suffer the consequences of their actions and attitudes.

Don’t save them! Don’t stand up for them! It’s not worth your life saving one of these females who probably would have you thrown in jail for ‘hate speech’ if she got the chance.

Let the Afro-beasts rape and let the feminists choke on their own poison pill.

Only when we nationalists gain POWER and implement our agenda should we make any sacrifices for women. Only when these women have demonstrated a LOYALTY to us and large-scale SUPPORT for our agenda should we lift a finger for them.

At this moment, red-pilled white men should just bide our time and continue waging the propaganda war. A captain save-a-hoe is of no use to us dead, now is he? But a dead leftist white woman does nothing to impede our agenda; actually it aids our agenda. One less hurdle to jump over, one less voter for globalism, one less activist for refugees. Her death could then be weaponized to forward our anti-immigration agenda. Additionally, if she survives the ordeal getting raped by a wild negro, it may actually wake her and others up to the insanity of open borders.

Let nature take its course, lads.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/05/14/sweden-19-year-old-gets-killed-trying-to-save-woman-from-sudanese-rapist/

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One Response to “Sweden: 19-Year-Old Gets Killed Trying to Save Woman From Sudanese Rapist”

  1. GLR says:

    Women in the pictures here, go out with “welcome refugees” signs, when it’s perfectly SAFE to do so. Shows you how gullible women can be. Your article on Sweden run by women, just means they will be raped and killed all that more easily. THE WORLD HAS NOT CHANGED FOR THE BETTER CAUSE SOMEONE’S WEARING LIPSTICK. This caption sends the same message as the pictures here.

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