Swimming in gold: Postal error sees bikini package swapped for ingots

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Julien Chagnot, 27, reportedly answered the door to the postman on Saturday morning to sign for a package. Presumably still bleary-eyed, he neglected to check the name and address on the parcel.

“I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was signing for because I was waiting for a swimsuit for my wife,” Chagnot told Oueste France.

The package wasn’t very big and he seemingly didn’t notice that it was rather heavy for a swimsuit.

Chagnot, who works for Credit Agricole, understandably got quite a shock when he opened the package discover 20 and 50-gram gold ingots, and gold coins from the early twentieth century. All told, he was looking at 7kg (15.5lb) of gold, with an invoice valuing the lucrative haul at €20,000.

Without hesitation, Chagnot went straight to the address listed on the package, roughly 2km away, but his plan didn’t quite pan out as there was no answer at the premises. He somehow once again resisted temptation to simply pocket the hoard and instead went straight to the local police station.

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He eventually contacted the real owner by phone and told him where his gold bars could be collected.

Chagnot has apparently been less fortunate with his own delivery and is reportedly still waiting on the swimsuit.

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