Syria’s Fall to Jordan’s King– Prophesy and Conspiracy Underway


April 15, 2018

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  Until you wake up America and realize your government is enemy occupied territory, there can and will be no hope for you. Until you realize our politicians are bought and paid for by a foreign government (and I’m not talkin’ Russia) there is no hope. Until you ask your government why we need 900 plus military bases all over the world while Russia and most of Europe are able to scrape up 35 at best between them, there can be no hope for anything but a global nuclear confrontation. Until you ask your government why every man, woman, and child in Israel receives 30,000 dollars in foreign aid from the good old U.S. and your tax burden is somewhere north of 40 percent, there will be no hope. Until you figure out “THEY” hate us because we are “over there” killing and destroying everything “THEY” hold precious(life, liberty, family, and the right to be left alone), nothing will change.

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