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Lightning Strikes Rock am Ring Festival In Germany Injuring Over 70

Lightning struck dozens of music fans at the world-famous Rock am Ring festival near Frankfurt, Germany on Friday. Local media reported that 71 people had been injured and the festival organisers said at least 42 fans were hospitalised on Friday evening. Police said that the lighting hit at around 8.30pm, injuring “many” people at the […]

Russian jets target 4 Daesh-held oil plants in Syria’s Raqqah

Russian fighter jets have targeted four oil facilities held by the Daesh terror group near the Syrian city of Raqqah amid reports of fresh army offensives aimed at liberating the northern city. In a Friday statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said Moscow’s “air force jets destroyed four targets of illegal oil extraction, located to the northwest of Raqqah […]

Is your city spraying Roundup on recreational areas like campgrounds, playgrounds and hike and bike trails?

(NaturalNews) Many of us seek solace in nature, trying to quiet and recharge our minds after a busy day at work. With 80 percent of the population residing in urban areas, city parks are often the nearest refuge for enjoying nature. Among the tall trees and rose-colored flowers, what you may not expect […]

Mining Corps Leave Behind Human Rights, Environmental Damage

Print Friendly Above Photo: Francisco Tiul Tut mourns the burning and destruction of his home in Barrio La Revolucion. On January 8th and 9th, 2007, the Guatemalan Nickel Company, local subsidiary of Canadian Skye Resources, ordered the forced eviction of five Q’eqchi’ Mayan communities around Lake Izabal in El Estor and Panzos, Guatemala (Photo: James Rodríguez/ […]

Voodoo Treatment for Migraine

Advanced medical care in Africa takes many forms, but the most common is the witchdoctor, now called the “traditional healer” by the politically correct brigade. Many Westerners are however ignorant of the true workings of traditional healers, so, for their benefit, we are pleased to be able to bring them this video of an […]

Congress Works to Implement Orwellian Biometric ID System to Constantly Monitor Citizens’ Daily Lives

Life in post-Constitutional America has progressively become less free, as evidenced by the actions of the federal government and the Congress. One of the latest grand schemes is the resurrection of a previously disclosed, and opposed, plan to track every single one of us. ~ J D Heyes As reported by The New American magazine, […]

Saudi Arabia And Turkey May Start WWIII

Russian military analyst, Lt. Gen. Yuri Netkachev has said that if Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia step into the Syrian conflict and interfere in Russia’s fight against ISIS, it may trigger a WWIII scenario. reports: Earlier, Qatari Foreign Affairs Minister, Khalid al-Attiyah, stated that his country could decide to start intervention in Syria. Qatar […]

Be Careful And Pay Attention When You Buy Fruits-Here Is What The Fruit Labels Say About The Fruit

Frequently, when you were buying fruits, you have surely noticed some labels on the fruits and wondered about their meaning. If the label has four digits that begin with numbers 3 or 4, it means that the fruit has been produced with an intensive agriculture from the second half of the twentieth century, i.e. artificial […]

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