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Dog Stumbles Upon Abandoned Kitten in Rain During Potty Break and Guides Her to Her Home for Shelter

There is no doubt that every single creature is special in its own way, but nothing really beats dogs. They are the best friends humans could ever ask for. Dogs are not afraid to show their love and loyalty for their owners and those around them. As every owner is convinced their dog is the […]

How the Left Abandoned the Environment: Immigration

America is More Than Full “CARRYING CAPACITY” refers to the number of people a region can sustainably support without degrading the environment. As most liberals will admit, Americans use way too many resources for their share of the earth’s land. In fact, the U.S. has the largest ecological footprint in the world.  The carrying capacity for the […]

Anarchists & ‘Antifa’ occupy Seattle police station abandoned by ‘regime’ forces, set up ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’

   After police in Seattle, Washington retreated from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, protesters took over the abandoned ‘regime’ precinct and erected barricades to mark an ‘autonomous zone’ for several blocks around it. Six blocks of downtown Seattle have been declared the ‘Free Capitol Hill Zone’ or ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ (CHAZ), according to area activists […]

9 Puppies and Their Mother Found Abandoned at a Church Parking Lot

A family of dogs was abandoned in the parking lot of the North Side Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. The poor mother and her nine babies were scared and confused. The blue bin in which the little ones were placed was right beside them. The sad sight caught the attention of a passerby who was […]

Homeless Non-pregnant Dog Starts Lactating to Nurse an Abandoned Kitten

Officer Michelle Smith from Anderson Animal Control, South Carolina, received a call about a dog that wouldn’t stop barking for several hours. When she came to the scene nothing could prepare her for the incredible and very rare sight. At the bottom of a steep embankment along a deep ravine, a dog was nursing a […]

Political ambiguity or a doomsday weapon? Why Abbas abandoned Oslo.

This time, we are told, it is different and that President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is absolutely serious about his decision to absolve his leadership from all previous agreements signed with Israel and the United States. But this time is not different, and Abbas is not serious.  “The Palestine Liberation Organization and the […]

Seven Abandoned Puppies On Deserted Island Crying from Starvation Rescued by Boaters

We’ve heard of dogs being abandoned by the side of roads and in dumping grounds, but people’s cruelty has no boundaries, and this time, seven tiny and severely malnourished puppies were found dumped in a deserted Island. If it wasn’t for the boater Junior Cook and his friend, who heard their cries for help, these […]

Confused and Abandoned Old English Sheepdog is Finally Rescued Off the Streets

A woman named Fabby noticed an Old English Sheepdog going back and forth the railroad tracks. She got really worried that the poor animal could end up hit by a train or a car so she did just the right thing alerting Hope For Paws and asking from them to step in. As always, Eldad […]

Dutch emergency services battle fire at abandoned NUCLEAR PLANT, urge residents to lock windows and doors (VIDEOS)

The fire broke out shortly before noon local time on Thursday in Dodewaard, which is roughly 100 km from Amsterdam. Eyewitness video from the scene shows fire crews battling the blaze on the roof. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown, but it may have started after work was carried out on the […]

Dog Abandoned on the Curb by Family Refuses to Leave Her Blanket

When people look forward to turning a new leaf and getting a fresh start in life, they usually get rid of the old things. One family that decided to move places left behind some old stuff. Sadly, among the unwanted things for which there was no place in their new home and life was their […]

Dog thrown over bridge to die – Romania crisis as pets abandoned during lockdown

The dog, now called Esther, is in a foster home and will be put up for adoption. Paws2Rescue founder Alison Standbridge warned that people in Romania are abandoning their pets at an “alarming rate” amid the coronavirus crisis. She said: “In the last week alone our rescuers have picked up over 40 dogs and puppies […]

Terrified and Sick Puppy Abandoned and Tied to a Trash Can in a Cemetery

The police at Middleburg Heights, Ohio, is asking from the public to come forward with any information about a case of animal neglect after one terrified and sick little pup was found tied to a trash can at the Woodvale Cemetery near Fowler Road. Finding that poor animal was pure luck. No one really knows […]

Abandoned by Israel, Jerusalem’s refugee camp is left to fight COVID-19 alone

These are days of the coronavirus pandemic, and the vast majority of the residents of this land are worried about their economic, health, and psychological state. Those worries are just as relevant for the residents of Shuafat Refugee Camp, situated within municipal bounds of Jerusalem, yet is located on the other side of the separation […]

Sweet Boxer Found Abandoned and Chained to a Lamppost

Dogs are meant to be loved and cared for. Sadly, many owners can never understand that, so many canines end up dumped and abandoned by their humans. As a man named Graham Dobson was on his way to work one day, he stumbled upon a boxer chained to a lamppost. Dobson wanted to believe the […]

Israeli left abandoned opposition to settlements out of fear of violence — Stav Shaffir

Stav Shaffir, 34, became a political leader in Israel during the social justice protests of 2011, the tent protests, and then became a Labor member of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. Shaffir left the parliament and establishment parties last year when she saw that Labor leaders, Amir Peretz and Itzik Shmuli, were willing to fold […]

One Animal Rescuer Shares Emotional Message to the Person Who Abandoned Their Dog

Animal lovers and rescuers are the ray of hope in this world full of neglectful owners who treat their pets with disrespect and fail to take care of them. A woman named Brooke from Kings SPCA Rescue in Lemoore, California, is one of those people who restore our faith in humanity by making the life […]

Rod Blagojevich: Democrats Have ‘Abandoned’ American Workers, Black Voters

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich blasted his former political party, the Democrats, and outlined why he now considers himself a “Trumpocrat” in an interview on Saturday. Speaking to the Patriot Channel on SiriusXM 125, Blagojevich – whose sentence President Trump commuted last month – described how the Democratic Party has “abandoned” American workers and black […]

Amazing video of a Abandoned Dog Can’t Stop Smiling Since He Found A New Home

4-year-old Kobe was in quite a bad shape when his owner gave him to a Maryland animal shelter. The poor pit might not have received the proper care he needed, but luckily for the cute dog, Sean Stinchcomb and his wife Jade stepped in and offered to foster the pooch. “When he came into the […]

Abandoned And Terrified Dog Left Tied To Railing At Vet Office

At the Dewitt Animal Hospital in Syracuse, New York, an employee discovered an abandoned dog left tied to the railing of the veterinarian hospital on Wednesday morning. The poor dog was cold, shivering and terrified. “Someone decided to boil my (Crystal’s) blood this morning. Got into work, only to find this poor guy tied to our […]

This Pit Bull Found In Trash Bag, Abandoned In The Cold In Wichita, Kansas

An abandoned puppy, thrown away like unwanted trash in a garbage bag, has died. The pit bull pup was badly neglected and filthy when he was found alone in the cold in Wichita, Kansas. The Beauties and Beasts rescue group attempted to save the pup’s life, but the severe neglect had taken its toll. […]

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