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Dogs Dream About Their Humans While Sleeping According To Scientist

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6 reasons not to commit suicide. What you should know about Suicide BEFORE it’s too late!

January 23rd, 2020 By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World While some spiritual teachers have presented suicide as a painless exit strategy or an instant cure for pain and suffering, there’s something very important they’re not telling you! In fact, if you’re seeking long term relief to pain and suffering or you’re looking for an […]

Video: 3 Minutes Of Truth About Addiction That Society Doesn’t Talk About Enough

The Facts: An ancient perspective with regards to a woman’s period was far different from what it is today. It used to be related to spirituality and consciousness. Reflect On: It’s amazing how connected the human body is to cosmic events. Can cosmic events alter and shift human consciousness in some sort of way? When […]

Woman Was Mad About Breakup, So She Starves Her EX-Boyfriend’s Dog To Death

A woman from Laurens, South Carolina, took revenge from the dog of her ex-boyfriend after breaking up with him! She has her own dogs and continued feeding them all, but she starved his dog. The 16-month-old Mastiff mix was barely alive, covered in maggots! The dog was just 50 pounds, when he was saved! He […]

AEOI Chief deplores E3 statement about Dispute Resolution Mechanism

IRNA – Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said that statement released by Germany, France and the UK invoking Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was a indication of Europeans’ inability and Impotence against US demands. In the wake on Trump’s pressures, foreign ministers of the UK, […]

UN Security Council Hears OPCW Inspector Testimony About The Manipulation Of ‘Chemical Attack’ Reports

I need to point out from the outset, I am not a whistleblower. I don’t like that term. I am a former OPCW specialist who has concerns in many areas and I consider this a legitimate and appropriate forum to explain again these concerns.Secondly, I must point out that I hold the OPCW in the […]

Fact check – US Governmental Lies About Iran and The Sanction Regime — Rebel Voice

Originally posted on Rebel Voice: “Truth is the first casualty of war” – But sometimes truth becomes a victim before the war ever begins, as is the case in US depictions of events in both Venezuela and Iran at present. Today, there is a concerted campaign by forces within the US regime to misrepresent and… via […]

Nasty Nancy On Impeachment Witnesses: ‘It’s Not A Question Of Proof’ It’s About ‘Allegations’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that “proof” doesn’t matter in the impeachment trial of President Trump. According to Pelosi, the “allegations” are what count. “It’s not a question of saying what proof. It says what allegations have been made,” Pelosi said to a media pack of obedient reporters who, despite their subservience to the […]

Researchers spot 2 new Earth-like planets orbiting a tiny star located about 12.5 light-years from our Solar System

(Natural News) Astronomers believe that they have found two new Earth-like exoplanets situated within their host star’s habitable zone, or the area around a star that can support the existence of liquid water. These are the conclusions of the scientists who have been observing the star known as Teegarden’s Star, an ultra-cool dwarf […]

ADL lies about me so as to shut down discussion of Israel’s role in Soleimani killing

Timely: “Israel and Its US Lobby Finally Achieve a Long-Term Objective: Direct US-Iranian Military Conflict” by Grant Smith, Posted, January 9, 2020, Antiwar Blog. “In 1953 the United States and United Kingdom overthrew the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. The catalyst was the Iranian government’s decision to exert more sovereign control over […]

Seven Short Observations about God

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Facts About Lucid Dreaming & Tips For Inducing One

The following is a chapter from my book ‘Parables For The New Conversation.’ One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven’t already read it.) I hope my words are a source of enjoyment and inspiration for you, the reader. If perchance you would […]

Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know About Israel’s West Bank “Firing Zones”

A seemingly ordinary news story, published in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, on January 7, shed light on a long-forgotten, yet crucial, subject: Israel’s so-called “firing zones” in the West Bank.  “Israel has impounded the only vehicle available to a medical team that provides assistance to 1,500 Palestinians living inside an Israeli military firing zone in […]

Common Myths about Cars

Everyone who has a car has one thing they believe about cars just like when it comes to real money online casino games there are so many beliefs. Whether they have heard it from others or they have read it from book, but they have something they believe in that […]

Duterte jokes about peeing on Taal volcano, says ‘beautiful women’ make his problems disappear

“I’ll eat that ashfall, even Taal, I’ll pee on it, goddamn it,” Duterte said on Monday ahead of his first public appearance since the Taal Volcano began erupting this month.  The firebrand president had withdrawn from the public eye several times in the past year, often for weeks at a time, citing health problems, including […]

Interesting Facts About Lucid Dreaming & Tips For Inducing One

The following is a chapter from my book ‘Parables For The New Conversation.’ One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven’t already read it.) I hope my words are a source of enjoyment and inspiration for you, the reader. If perchance you would […]

Scientists Share Facts About Vaccines At World Health Organization Conference For Vaccine Safety

Civilians suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome (an adverse reaction to a fluoroquinolone – Cipro/Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin/Levofloxacin, Avelox/Moxifloxacin, Floxin/Ofloxacin and others) have noted the similarities between Gulf War illness and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome for years.  It is beyond likely, it is probable, that they are one in the same. The Symptoms The VA defines Gulf War Illness […]

The Truth About Shadowbanning — Propaganda Watch

January 14, 2020 By corbettreport Are you subscribed to The Corbett Report on GooTube? Are you sure? Today on #PropagandaWatch we tackle the concept of shadowbanning on social media and the insidious nature of “the intelligent manipulation of the organized habits of the masses.” SHOW NOTES: Facebook admits shadowbanning Twitter denies shadowbanning Twitter employees caught […]

‘Don’t look there, look here!’ UK media much more excited about Iran protests than those in neighboring France

How many British people have ever visited Iran? How many have lived there or have second homes there? I suspect the figures are very small. It’s quite a contrast with France. In 2018, it was revealed that France came top in a survey of countries which Britons had visited. 76% of Brits had been to […]

Trump Brags About Selling Troops to Saudi Arabia for $1 Billion

(TMU) — During a recent interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, U.S. President Donald Trump made some telling comments about the true motives behind the foreign policy of the United States. When speaking optimistically about the country’s diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia, Trump bragged bout how much the oil-rich dictatorship paid the U.S. for military […]

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