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Video: Filthy White Sluts Talk Their Fantasies About Black Men

If this video doesn’t make you sick, then you’ve got a strong stomach. Watch this video on YouTube These are modern “liberated” white women, folks. The question was “have you ever fantasized about black men?” and virtually all of them answered in the affirmative. A few of them even gave the negro interviewers a kiss. […]


See how long this one lasts.. LOL 5G is 10 times the strength of 4G and uses the same frequency as a military weapon. Symptoms of 5G. Radiation Sickness. Shortness of Breath. Passing Out. COLD AND FLU SYMPTOMS. Fever. Increase Cancer Risk. Foggy Thinking. Eye Pain. Nausea. Etc.Backup Channel:…Get the real ANZAC Australian Flag […]

The Media has Changed Its Mind About Masks

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer April 3, 2020 A month ago, the Jew media said face masks won’t help and you shouldn’t use them. CNN, March 2, 2020: Now, they’re saying that they actually do help and you should use them. CNN, April 2, 2020: “Shucks! We didn’t know blocking the respiratory conducting passages could help […]

Lebanese Students Abroad Tell Al-Ahed about Their Suffering, How the Banks Wronged Them

By Fatima Salami Once the file on Lebanese students abroad is opened, one gets a clear picture of their suffering, which is only being exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. They endured hardship due to unfair policies by the banks. Thousands of students studying abroad became victims of double standard monetary and fiscal policies. The blocking […]

UK media generating confusion about death of Chloe Middleton: Coroner says 21-year-old did NOT ‘die from Covid-19’; UPDATE: The Guardian deletes article

   Comment: Note: This article has been scrubbed by the Guardian. The original link now says “This article was removed on 28 March 2020 pending review.” The death of 21-year-old Chloe Middleton – the UK’s youngest coronavirus victim, her family believe – has not been recorded in the official toll because of confusion about how […]

Jews are Very Concerned About Christian Anti-Semitism

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 31, 2020 “Why did you force me to do this? I just wanted to play video games.” I used to get a lot of media coverage in the old days, when the media didn’t understand how I was exploiting them for my own gain by doing an ironic […]

President Cuomo? Liberals Fantasize About Biden Replacement

As the left grapples with a presidential candidate who has difficulty completing full sentences and was just slapped with a sexual assault allegation that the staunch feminists in the #MeToo movement have chosen to ignore – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has emerged as a fantasy pick to supplant Joe Biden and beat President Trump […]

It’s Okay to Be Uncertain About What’s Happening and Where This is All Going

(CJ Opinion) — There was a kids’ game show on Nickelodeon in the early nineties called Get the Picture where contestants would be shown an image that is obscured in some way and slowly made more clear. First one to guess the image correctly got the points. That’s kind of how our whole situation feels right now. No one really knows […]

Illiterate Monkey Cardi B Has Something Important to Tell Y’all About the Chinese Virus

Apparently, illiterate primates have thoughts about the Chinese Virus. Cardi B calls out celebrities & the government: “If [Trump] is saying ‘if you don’t have any symptoms of the Coronavirus do not get tested because we don’t have enough tests’ but a celebrity is saying ‘I don’t have symptoms but I got tested & I’m […]

New York City Government Advises Against Anus Licking (Rimjob) in Sex Guide About Coronavirus

Apparently, the city government of New York actually thinks that rimming (licking the butthole of another person) is a common enough sex practice among New Yorkers to advise against doing it during the COVID-19 quarantine. That’s right, filthy goyim, you need to temporarily stop tongue-fucking your partner’s asshole until this pandemic blows over. And don’t […]

Smug Hillary Uses Coronavirus Victims As Punchline In Sick Joke About Trump

Hillary Clinton appeared smug about the number of sick and dead Americans on Friday, using the growing number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. as a punchline in a joke about President Trump. Clinton posted a link on Twitter to a New York Times article about the U.S. surpassing Italy and China as the world leader in […]

Who CARES about debt? Covid-19, corporate plunder, & the US plan of unlimited bank bailouts

   Debt matters. In Washington’s swamp, no one CARES about debt. Big government has become more addicted to debt than drug addicts to a pipe full of crack. In October 2019, the International Monetary Fund downgraded its global growth forecast with a stark warning for 2020 that “Global growth will fall to the lowest levels […]

Explosion of coronavirus cases about to hit "dozens of cities" across America beginning next week, warn the CDC and US Surgeon General

(Natural News) Alarm bells are ringing at the CDC as real-time emergency room monitoring systems that track flu-like symptoms across America are sending warning signals from dozens of US cities. “The CDC is using one of its most reliable indicators to provide early hints about where the next epidemics might spring up. […]

Rescuers Get a Call About Two Puppy Sisters Lying in the Road and Approach to Investigate

Two sister dogs who were severely injured after they had suffered an attack by a wild animal were lucky to be spotted by a passerby who alerted the incredible volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited. These people act as angels and have never failed any animal in need of help or love. This time, it was […]

All the Craziest Things About America Are Being Highlighted by This Virus

(CJ Opinion) — “Corona is a black light and America is a cum-stained hotel room,” comedian Megan Amram colorfully tweeted a couple of weeks ago. Her observation has only grown more accurate since. The corporate cronyism of America’s political system has been highlighted with a massive kleptocratic multitrillion-dollar corporate bailout of which actual Americans are only receiving a tiny fraction. […]

Stuck at home, ‘Eretz Nehederet’ TV comics sing about virus closure

Comics from TV satire comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” reminded Israelis they are all in the same boat with a touching, if sarcastic, song performed on Zoom with their partners and children about the current coronavirus situation. Gathered in each of their homes, dressed in hoodies and yoga pants, hair mussed (particularly actor Lior Ashkenazi) and […]

NEO – The Nasty Truth About Covid 19

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, …and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa. – First published … March 25, 2020 – During the last half of March, a dozen or more massive […]

A Word About the Horrid Spike in Unemployment Claims and Why it’s Even More Horrid Than it Appears

The report by the Department of Labor this morning listed some sectors that were particularly hard hit by “COVID-19 virus impacts”: Services industries broadly, particularly accommodation and food services; health care and social assistance services; arts, entertainment and recreation; transportation and warehousing; manufacturing industries. However, […]

Battered Souls – A Podcast About Transformation with Dylan Charles – Episode #001

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times Strange times we live in these days. The global pandemic and government lockdown s triggering a massive wave of fear, anxiety, grief, and stress. People just aren’t ready to deal with the fact that life isn’t all joy. It’s also terror, and the work of being human is to learn […]

Should China and the CDC have been more transparent about COVID-19 many months ago?

(Natural News) When a large number of people living in Wuhan China mysteriously started to fall ill with respiratory symptoms late in 2019, the Chinese government quickly began to suppress information surrounding the outbreak. This has been confirmed by multiple Chinese reports and doctors who feared for their life if they talked […]

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