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The Horrors of Satanic Ritual Abuse interview with Wilfred Wong

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“Charity” Accused of Sex Abuse Coordinating ID2020’s Pilot Program For Refugee Newborns

iRespond, an international non-profit organization that is “dedicated to using biometrics to improve lives through digital identity,” has begun piloting a new biometric program for newborns among the predominately Karen refugee population along the Myanmar-Thailand border, a program it soon hopes to “quickly deploy” at a greater scale and make available to the general global population. The […]


GEORGE PELL’S RITUAL ABUSE CRIMES On February 27, 2019 By Author The secrecy surrounding the court case – and now the verdict – is offensive. That’s especially so because it echoes the secrecy that has always been so appallingly a part of widespread sexual abuse by priests.  – Washington Post AUSTRALIA IS RUN BY JEWISH […]


Scotland’s Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, of the Scottish National Party, must be booted out? Much of Dumfries and Galloway has been killed off by the scamdemic. Brian Whittle MSP (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Conservative MPs Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, and David Mundell. Conservative MPs Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, and David Mundell have been […]

Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape & Sex Abuse

Harvey Weinstein has been charged with rape, sex abuse and other sexual offences against two women. The disgraced movie producer handed himself in to the New York police department on Friday. Weinstein, who has previously denied all accusations, was charged with four offences, following months of sexual abuse allegations. A statement from the NYPD said […]

34 Chilean Bishops From The Catholic Church Implicated In The Sexual Abuse of Young Boys

By Richard Enos Last Thursday, at the end of an emergency summit in Rome with the Pope, 34 Chilean bishops offered their resignation in the wake of revelations of sexual abuse of young boys and their complicity in covering up the crimes. These 34 represent every bishop in Chile, 31 active and 3 retired. Damage control at its […]

Vatican Quietly Pays $4 Billion To Child Sex Abuse Victims

The Vatican has quietly paid out nearly $4 billion in compensation to victims of child sexual abuse, according to a shocking new investigation. According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, the Vatican has spent a sickening $3,994,797,060.10 to families in order to avoid being sued in court. reports: The figure is based on […]

Graphic Ads Depicting What Some Would Consider Borderline Child Abuse, Would You?

Next Story Most mothers know just how hard it is to resist cravings during pregnancy, and while it’s okay to give in every now and then (I mean seriously, chocolate chip cookies are awesome), it’s important to consider the health of your little one. While you should increase your food intake during pregnancy to ensure both you and […]

#ExxonKnew leader Eric Schneiderman resigns in disgrace amid physical abuse allegations

From the New York Times: New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, has resigned, hours after multiple women accused him of being physically abusive. Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general who rose to prominence as an antagonist of the Trump administration, abruptly resigned on Monday night hours after The New Yorker reported that […]

Holocaust museum in Poland faces nationalist abuse after ‘Polish death camps’ law (VIDEO)

In the past several months Polish nationalists have increased pressure on the museum in Auschwitz, which they accuse of having an anti-Polish bias. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga) { ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JWPLAYER-GA’, ‘CLICK PLAY’, location.href); ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JW Player Article’, ‘Ready’, location.href); // Временно эти дублирующие счетчики остаются } […]

NJ Teachers Union President Will “Bend the Truth,” Cover Up Child Abuse in Schools

Last month, Project Veritas undercover journalists blanketed the state of New Jersey visiting dozens of teacher’s union offices. We wondered, how union leaders would react to claims that teachers were physically and verbally abusing students? What you’re about to see is a man who is a union president, with a PHD, A LEADER; […]

Pope Francis Told To Apologize For Abuse Of Aboriginal Children In Catholic Schools

Canadian MP’s say that Pope Francis must publicly apologize on behalf of the Catholic church for its involvement in the abuse of indigenous students at church schools. The residential schools forcibly removed children from their families to ‘assimilate’ them into mainstream Canadian society. Hundreds of thousands of indigenous children were  sent to live in the […]

Danish Immigration Minister: ‘Some Refugees Cheat, Lie and Abuse’

William, Defend Europa, 28 April 2018 Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg has provoked outrage amongst the liberal journalist class by appearing to commit the revolutionary crime of telling the truth about “refugees”. In a column for Danish newspaper BT, Støjberg explained that her ministry was regularly receiving information suggesting that refugees are abusing the benefits system and cheating in academic tests, […]

Another Hollywood Arrest: This Time It Involves Sexual Abuse of Children & Trafficking

Next Story It’s not nice to write of such topics as discussed in this article, but it’s something we’ve been trying to help expose since Collective Evolution began. Elite level child trafficking cults that brainwash women and young children is a reality, and it’s something that we have to raise awareness about and shed some […]

Cheat, lie and abuse – Danish immigration minister hits out at migrants

Minister Inger Stojberg of the ruling center-right Venstre party, cited a Facebook group that provides answers to Danish language and culture tests, which all migrants have to take in the Nordic country. “A significant group” of refugees who have come to Denmark “cheats, lies and abuses our trust,” she wrote in an editorial in BT, […]

Israeli woman caught on film hurling racial abuse at black man in supermarket

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1,000 children may have been victims in UK’s biggest ever child abuse scandal

     Up to 1,000 children could have been abused in Britain’s biggest ever child abuse scandal, an investigation has revealed. Hundreds of children, some as young as 11, are estimated to have been drugged, beaten and raped over a 40-year period in the town of Telford. Lucy Allan, the Conservative MP for Telford, has called […]

AMI Smart Meter Abuse Ramps Up Around the USA

By Catherine J. Frompovich Daily, I receive requests for information, help and even stories documenting how utility customers, who refuse AMI Smart Meters, are being abused by utility companies, but with the apparent ‘blessings’ of state public utility commissions, which turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the harassments and abuses. Now it’s […]

Why Homeschool Regulation Won’t Stop Child Abuse

February 26, 2018 By Jennifer Lade After reading with horror the case of the California couple accused of torture and child endangerment, I knew it would only be a matter of time. Attention would soon turn away from the atrocities David and Louise Turpin allegedly committed against their own children. It […]

Elder abuse and murder charges filed after video shows nursing home staff laughing at dying WWII veteran

     Three Georgia nursing home employees who allegedly laughed at a dying World War II veteran and ignored his pleas for help have been indicted on charges related to elder abuse, WXIA-TV reported. One of them was charged with murder. What are the specific charges? Loyce Pickquet Agyeman, Wanda Nuckles, and Mable Turman were each […]

Sexual abuse & rape claims by children from Russian orphanage trigger probe

A home for children with developmental disabilities in a tiny village in the Chelyabinsk Region has come under the spotlight of the Russian media this week after three adoptive families broke the silence over the nightmares their sons went through while living there. Russian children’s ombudsman calls for nationwide register of convicted pedophiles All of […]

Church of England Facing Over 3,000 Sex Abuse Complaints

The Church of England now faces more than 3,000 sex abuse complaints all involving children, young people or vulnerable adults. At the end of 2016, the total number of ‘concerns or allegations’ had reached 3,300. The Mail Online reports: The figures do not distinguish new complaints from longstanding ones, but almost all involved the treatment […]

Chile sex abuse letter suggests Pope Francis knew of ‘cover-up’ in 2015

In the letter, seen by AP, Juan Carlos Cruz says he is a victim of cleric Fernando Karadima’s abuse in the 1980s, detailing the kissing and fondling he claims to have suffered. ‘Offensive & painful’: Abuse victims slam pope over slander accusations Additionally, Cruz accuses Karadima’s fellow priest Juan Barros (whom Francis appointed to lead […]

#120db – European Women Unite to Stop the Wave of Sexual Abuse by Migrant Men

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times  With every major event in our world, there is always a side of the story that always brushed under the rug of public awareness for political reasons. For years we’ve been hearing about the mass migration of millions of Muslims into all corners of Europe, and heard the […]

UK: Male victims of sexual abuse rise 300% in the past decade

     The number of males reporting being raped has seen a staggering increase of almost 300 percent in the past decade, new figures reveal. With some charities claiming the figures are just the tip of the iceberg. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of men reporting sexual offences, including rape, rose from […]

Trump Authorizes Immediate Release Of FISA Abuse Memo This Week

President Donald Trump has authorized the immediate declassification of the FISA abuse memo, ignoring the Department of Justice who wish to delay its release.  The four-page memo reveals the wide-scale surveillance abuse conducted by the Obama administration, FBI and DoJ. reports: Despite warnings from top officials at the agency, Trump reportedly told Attorney General Jeff […]

More young people being seriously afflicted with hallucinations and self-abuse after taking TAMIFLU … why won’t the FDA recall the dangerous drug?

(Natural News) Marketed as flu medicine, Tamiflu is actually a risky nervous system damaging, hallucinogenic drug that causes some children to go into seizures, wild delusions, and twitching fits. The typical medical doctor, aligned with the state’s medical directives, resorts to prescribing Tamiflu as a primary treatment for people who have flu […]

More young people being seriously afflicted with hallucinations and self-abuse after taking TAMIFLU … why won’t the FDA recall the dangerous drug?

(Natural News) Marketed as flu medicine, Tamiflu is actually a risky nervous system damaging, hallucinogenic drug that causes some children to go into seizures, wild delusions, and twitching fits. The typical medical doctor, aligned with the state’s medical directives, resorts to prescribing Tamiflu as a primary treatment for people who have flu […]

Sexual abuse lobby is agenda-ridden

By Bill Donohue On May 3-4, activists will descend on Albany pressing to lift the statute of limitations on the sexual abuse of minors. Their motives are not pure: their real goal is to stick it to Catholics. If the lawmakers and activists behind this effort were sincere, they wouldn’t devote an entire day, […]

Bombshell House Intelligence Report Exposing FISA Abuse Could Lead to the Removal of Senior Government Officials

A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all House members Thursday and the revelations could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice, several sources with knowledge of the document stated. These sources say the […]

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