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Belarus: Detained protesters ‘repeatedly beaten’ and abused in post-election crackdown

Human rights groups have denounced inhumane conditions in which thousands of people in Belarus have been detained, amid the state’s violent response to protests over the controversial re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. They accuse police of beating demonstrators before, during and after their arrest. At least 6,700 people have been held since last Sunday’s vote, […]

Jessica Simpson: I Confronted The Woman Who Sexually Abused Me As a Child

Jessica Simpson has opened up about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of a family friend, and revealed that she has confronted the woman responsible. Simpson, 40, mentioned the childhood sexual abuse in her memoir Open Book, released earlier this year, and she revealed even more about her experience Katherine […]

Anti-Trump AG in New York resigns amid reports he beat, abused women: Another white, male Leftist falls from grace

(Natural News) New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman — a champion of the Alt-Left who has made a name for himself in his state and around the country for opposing President Donald J. Trump’s agenda — has resigned amid a number of allegations from four women that he beat and abused them. […]

Pentagon Knew Afghan Forces Sexually Abused Children, But Kept Funding Them Anyway

A government watchdog has revealed that the Pentagon funded Afghan military and security forces knowing that some of them were sexual abusing children. The Afghan military and police were also involved in at least 75 gross human rights violations between 2010 and 2016, including murder, torture but the U.S. government continued to fund them anyway […]

BLM thugs abused the law and used “incredible bias” against Nevada rancher Clive Bundy, warns new report

(Natural News) In April 2014, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote a column critical of the Bureau of Land Management for the way agents were handling a ‘standoff’ with longtime Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. “The federal government is out of control yet again, staging a heavily militarized siege of the Bundy cattle […]

Hundreds of Abducted Palestinian Protesters Tortured and Abused

Hundreds of Abducted Palestinian Protesters Tortured and Abused by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Torture and abuse of Palestinians is longstanding Israeli practice, children and women treated as abusively as men. America and Israel operate by their own rules, brutalizing detainees during interrogations and detentions, subjecting them to beatings, painful binding and […]

The Righteous & Victorious Allies Starved, Abused & Enslaved German Children in Eastern Europe

From Wear’s War Fate of German Children in Eastern Europe One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes after the end of World War II. One estimate of the Germans expelled runs to 16.5 million: 9.3 million within the 1937 Reich borders and 7.2 […]

Israel exploits abused woman for propaganda

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 17 November 2017 COGAT found propaganda opportunity in a Palestinian family’s plight. Israeli propaganda would have you believe that its rule over the West Bank and Gaza Strip is not a belligerent military occupation, but a mechanism by which it is improving Palestinian lives. And so would, apparently, the […]

Andrew Cuomo Aide Was Sexually Abused By Top Democrat

Governor Cuomo’s top aide revealed Wednesday that she was repeatedly sexually abused by politicians, including a top Democrat.  Melissa DeRosa, who serves as Cuomo’s chief of staff, claims that a prominent Democratic “national leader in progressive politics” tried to rape her. reports: “So let’s start with the truth. Sexism and misogyny is alive and well,” […]

Girls who have been sexually abused by Muslim rape gangs now told to "shut their mouths" for the "sake of diversity"

(Natural News) There will come a day when political correctness destroys us all. It may not happen tomorrow, and it may not happen within the next few years, but it will happen – it is only a matter of time. In the latest example of political correctness gone awry, a member of Britain’s Labor Party […]

USA Gymnastics: Hundreds Of Children Abused In Massive Pedophile Ring

Hundreds of young children were sexually abused and sacrificed by a massive pedophile ring operating within USA Gymnastics (USAG).  According to a criminal case involving over one hundred women and girls, the USA Gymnastics program covered up decades of institutional child abuse in order to protect pedophiles working for the organization. reports: Last week, […]

Iraqi special forces abused civilians during Mosul campaign, PM admits 

“The [investigation] committee has concluded … that clear abuses and violations were committed by members of [special forces unit] the ERD,” the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement, according to Reuters. The prime minister’s office added the perpetrators would face prosecution. Torture, rape, executions: Iraq to investigate reported atrocities of […]

US couple who sexually abused adopted Russian son for 10 years to get lengthy prison terms

Ralph Flynn, 73, and his wife Carolyn Flynn, 44 , from the town of Los Gatos, California, will be sentenced under a plea deal announced Wednesday, Mercury news reported.   Ralph Flynn, who has been in custody since his arrest in 2015, was charged with sexually molesting the boy since he was nine for a […]

Investigation into Records of Sexually Abused Foster Children Ensnares Seattle Mayor

By Matt Agorist Seattle, WA — Over the past several years, multiple victims have come forward and accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexually abusing them when they were children in the 1980’s. Delvonn Heckard, one of the alleged victims, filed a lawsuit against the mayor in April, setting off an investigation by the Seattle Times. What […]

Dramatic Increase in Israel’s Arrest of Palestinian Children, Abused, Deprived of Food, Beatings, Denied Legal Council

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Pennsylvania Police Officer Raped Same Boy His Father Abused

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Five children in Colombia abused for child pornography every day: Vargas

nsnbc : Jorge Luis Vargas, Director of the Intelligence Unit of Colombia’s National Police, said five children per day are abused for the production […]

Supreme Court Sees Criminal Asset Forfeiture Can Be Abused Too; Almost Does Something About It

Recently, the Supreme Court passed on a case that could have seen it address the highly-problematic civil asset forfeiture issue head on. In that case, cops seized $201,000 (and a bill of sale for a home) from two people during a traffic stop. Despite having no evidence of criminal activity, the cops kept the […]

Australia’s Catholic Church Paid $213 Million to 4,445 Children Sexually Abused by Pedophile Priests

These days, the Roman Catholic Church is synonymous with child sexual abuse. We owe nobody an apology for saying this. It’s the truth. Cases of child sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups committed during the 20th and 21st centuries by Catholic priests, nuns, and members of the Roman Catholic Order have led to numerous allegations, investigations, […]

Five Years Probation for Officer who Abused 14 Year Old School Girl

A former Houston Independent School District police officer accused of fondling a 14-year-old girl at the school where he worked. He will spend only five years on probation after pleading guilty this week to having an improper relationship with a student. Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, 30, was charged with two […]

Was Alton Sterling A Sexual Predator?

is a writer living in Iowa City. Besides helping to expose the growing police state, he also writes fiction and does a bunch of other creative stuff, which you can find at his website-Advanced Ape To learn more about Joshua, click here to view his profile. If you enjoy my work please consider donating to […]

Palestinian woman shot in stab attempt on Israeli soldiers (VIDEO)

The incident reportedly took place on Gitai Road near Ariel, an Israeli settlement and city in the central West Bank, the Times of Israelreported. The Dashcam video recorded from a passing car was released on YouTube on Tuesday evening.  The footage shows a woman in a headscarf approaching two IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldiers standing […]

Precrime: FBI, Cleveland police ‘door knock’ activists expected to protest RNC

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Putin Tells Merkel To Stop Shelling Donbass

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a heated telephone conversation with various European leaders recently, demanding that they end the attacks on settlements in Donbass.  According to the Kremlin, Putin told German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to immediately end the attacks on settlements in Donbass from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. […]

Tehran Receives S-300 Air Defense System from Russia

Local Editor Spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Hussein Jaberi Ansari announced Monday that Russia made the first contracted delivery of the S-300 air defense systems to Iran. “We announced earlier that this contract, regardless of some obstacles in the past, is on the stage of completion and today I announce that the first batch […]

Wells Fargo "Admits Deceiving" U.S. Government, Pays Record $1.2 Billion Settlement

Nearly a decade since the housing bubble burst the dirty skeletons still emerge from the closet, and still nobody goes to jail. In the latest example of how criminal Wall Street behavior leads to zero prison time and just more slaps on the wrist, overnight Warren Buffett’s favorite bank, Wells Fargo, admitted to […]

Israeli army stations dedicated PR officer at site of Hebron execution

The blood stain where Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi was shot dead remains on the ground. The spot where Abed al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif was executed is no longer visible. “We washed it off,” a young soldier standing at the checkpoint a few meters away tells me. But the moment he killed him is etched into the memory […]

SHOCK VIDEO: Police Body Cams Capture the Public Execution of Unarmed Mentally Ill Man

Freddy Centeno would not recover from the multiple wounds suffered at the hands of these two Fresno cops. According to Roger Centeno, the victim’s brother, Freddy is bipolar and schizophrenic and abused drugs.  The family had been asking the city and county for help and were told […]

This is How Music Is Indeed a Universal Language

In the 19th century, American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called music “the universal language of mankind.” He had no idea how right he was – a recent study concluded that music can have a similar effect on people from completely different cultures.  Researchers from two Canadian universities, McGill University and University of Montreal, together with […]

Investigative committee further reveals US funding of "color revolutions" within Russia

     Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ Seized documents confirm that an activist from the People’s Freedom Party (PARNAS), Natalia Pelevine, was involved in foreign foundations that organized the mass riots on the 6th of May 2012. This was reported on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) on Friday, March 11th. […]

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