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New York: Jew Accurately Accused of Spreading Viruses at Toyota Dealership

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 24, 2020 Here’s a visibly Jewish man trying to get his car serviced at @Toyota World in Goshen NY, which was open for business. The employee tells him they won’t serve him because “you’re spreading the virus.” — The Meturgeman (@HaMeturgeman) March 23, 2020 This whole […]

DOJ Quietly Drops Case Against Russian ‘Troll Farm’ They Accused of Meddling in 2016 Election

The Justice Department decided to quietly drop their case against the Russian “troll farm” the Internet Research Agency while the coronavirus was distracting everyone. This indictment was the crux of the entire Mueller investigation that was supposed to prove Russian meddling and yet his team shared “no evidence” this group was guilty of […]

What If Donald Trump Were Accused Of Colluding With… — The Duran

Although the ludicrous claim that Donald Trump somehow colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election (and give Hillary Clinton the popular vote) has been thoroughly debunked, the same liars and lunatics are back with essentially the same story attempting to gaslight the American people and the world again. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Nick […] […]

Boris Johnson Accused of Covering Up “Bullying Allegations”

‘The Home Secretary is doing an outstanding job’: Boris Johnson’s repeated response to the allegations of bullying by Priti Patel across three different government departments in recent times. At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn asked if Johnson was even aware of some of the allegations regarding Patel’s conduct, and if so, […]

Coca-Cola Accused of Funding Colombian Death Squad

U.S.-based Coca-Cola company along with more than 50 other companies were accused by Colombian courts of financing terrorism for their ties to the now-disbanded paramilitary organization, United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a fact trade union leaders have been denouncing for decades. The cases against the companies will be heard in a transitional justice […]

Netanyahu’s party is accused of using coronavirus hoax to suppress vote “Ex-general likens Israel to Nazi Germany” “Israel could end up like Nazi Germany”, Middle East Monitor, Oct. 4/19 “Former Israeli army General, yesterday, Yair Golan compared Israel’s right-wing politicians to the Nazis. EXCERPT: “In an interview with Radio Darom, the newly elected member of the Knesset, representing the Democratic Union alliance, said: ‘I’m reminding […]

Chris Matthews Accused of Giving an Ugly Woman Old Man Compliments

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 29, 2020 This is a woman that believes she was sexually harassed. #metoo round 2? YES PLEASE! Today they’ve come for Chris Matthews, who is being accused of – wait for it – “inappropriate flirting”! New York Post: MSNBC host Chris Matthews “inappropriately flirted” with a much younger female […]

12-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Beating Dog In The Face With A Metal Pipe To “Discipline” Him

In Marion County, Florida, a 12-year-old boy has been arrested after being accused of tying a dog to a tree and beating it in the face with a metal pipe. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Deputy Coleman with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested 12-year-old Christopher Alveraz-Murillo on […]

Teen accused of killing mother, brother arrested in North Carolina

   The Virginia teen was allegedly trying to steal hair dye, a change of clothes and a backpack from a store in Durham, N.C., when police arrested him Saturday evening. But Levi H. Norwood, a 17-year-old high school junior, is accused of a far more disturbing crime than shoplifting. He has been charged with two […]

Bloomberg once accused BDS supporters of wanting Israelis to be ‘massacred’

Zionist indoctrination of American Jewish youth: “3,000 teens attending BBYO Convention that propagandizes them on Israel” By Alison Weir, Feb. 15/20, If Americans Knew Blog. EXCERPT: “More than 3,000 Jewish teens are attending a convention this weekend that propagandizes them to support Israel despite Israel’s long record of discrimination, human rights violations, and spying […]

China Accurately States That the US is an Empire of Hackers After They’re Accused of Hacking

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 18, 2020 It is a bit like the pot calling the kettle a nigger when the US claims that everyone in the world is hacking them – even if it were true that everyone in the world was hacking them, which we have no evidence of. Because […]

Stones thrown by SECT rioters as police arrest rabbi accused of rape & ‘HEALING’ for money (VIDEOS)

Israeli police have arrested Rabbi Eliezer Berland early on Sunday morning, along with his wife and other top members of his ultra-Orthodox Shuvu Bonim sect. Shortly afterwards, the sect’s followers thronged the nearby street, trying to seal it off and stop the vehicle carrying Berland. Stunning footage from the arrest shows them hurling stones at […]

Disney & Lego Linked Kindercare Accused of Mentally & Physically Abusing Children e.g., Feeding Children Blood, etc.

Silvanus Publishing, Inc., 1/26/2000 “Henry Kravis, co-founder of (KKR) private equity firm, is a major contributor to the emerging global, New World Order, technocracy. Kravis’ acquisition of in 2011 gave Luciferians oversight on more than 45 million domain names worldwide or 40 percent of the global market. If you’re a Christian business owner just […]

Mother & Grandparents Accused Of Locking Children In Wooden Cages

An Alabama mother, grandmother and grandfather have been arrested, accused of locking children in wooden cages. Five children including an eight-month-old were removed from an Alabama home after police say their mother and grandparents had locked them in the “cages” which were made of cribs with crudely constructed lids. The Independent reports: On Monday, investigators […]

Hunter Biden Accused of Burisma Multi-Million ‘Counterfeiting Scheme’

Hunter Biden is involved in a Burisma-linked “$165 million counterfeiting scheme,” according to documents obtained by a woman seeking child-support. Speaking to Fox News Monday, D&A Investigations, the firm hired by Hunter Biden’s baby mama, “claimed the FBI and Justice Department have been investigating PrivatBank, the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, Biden and others since […]

Iran lashes out at French ‘interference’ over jailed academic accused of espionage

France’s protests against the imprisonment of Fariba Adelkhah and another academic, Roland Marchal, constitute an “act of interference” that has “no legal basis,” Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in a statement on Sunday. “Creating hype cannot stop Iran’s judiciary from handling the case, especially considering the security charges the two face,” Mousavi said. […]

Trans woman Debbie Hayton is accused of transphobia after expressing view that we are biologically attached to our sex at birth

Fucked up how Hayton respects her own gender less than the rest of us respect her gender. Her ideal world where trans people have no rights isn’t going to come with some Debbie Exception. A pathetically confused person. — Zinnia, adult demon female (@ZJemptv) December 23, 2019 A transgender physics teacher by the name of […]

Santa Claus Accused Of Quid Pro Quo For Giving Children Gifts In Exchange For Good Behavior

Via Babylon Bee, Legislators have begun to hold hearings on impeaching Santa Claus after an overheard conversation seemed to imply he was offering a quid pro quo: gifts in exchange for good behavior. FBI agents spied on Claus at various malls as he repeatedly said things like, “Sure, I’ll get you a pony. But first, […]

President Macron Accused of TREASON by French Generals

President Emmanuel Macron has been accused of “treason” in a letter signed by 11 generals, an admiral and colonel. The letter, penned by General Antione Martinez, warns that Macron’s signing of the U.N. Global Migration Pact strips France of its sovereignty and provides a legitimate reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt.” reports: […]

Weinstein accused of misusing ankle monitor; $5M bail sought

NEW YORK (AP) — Harvey Weinstein violated his bail conditions by mishandling his electronic ankle monitor, which left his whereabouts unrecorded for hours at a time, a New York prosecutor argued Friday. Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi made the claim at a pretrial hearing for Weinstein after he hobbled into court with what his […]

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