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Cities, Towns, Councils and Countries That Have Taken Action Against or Banned 5G. Is Yours One of Them?

January 11, 2020 By B.N. Frank People and animals have been getting sick where 5G has been installed and turned on (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Lawsuits, opposition, requests for moratoriums (see 1, 2) and warnings regarding the technology increase daily.  Telecom companies have still offered no scientific evidence that it’s safe.  Unfortunately, none of […]

‘Heckler’s Veto’: UBC threatened with legal action for cancelling talk on Antifa

   The University of British Columbia is being threatened with legal action over the cancellation of a speaking engagement featuring conservative U.S. journalist Andy Ngo discussing Antifa violence. Sponsored by The Free Speech Club, the event had been given the green light to take place on Jan. 29, but on Dec. 20 the university suddenly […]

National Day Of Action: US Out Of Iraq, No War On Iran

National Day Of Action: US Out Of Iraq, No War On Iran No New US War on Iraq protest at White House from the ANSWER Coalition. UPDATE: On Friday morning, the US military bombed and killed General Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – Quds Force near the international airport in […]

Sat. Jan. 4 National Day of Action U.S. Troops Out of Iraq!

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Indian minister demands action after video of cop telling protesters ‘go to Pakistan’ went viral

Union Minister for Minorities Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that “immediate action should be taken against the police officer” if the allegations are true. He stressed that the government would respond if police or officials were found to have carried out “atrocities on the people.” In a video that went viral on social media and was […]

Taking Action For Assange: This Is What Real Activism Looks Like — Politicians Exposed!

December 22, 2019 By Jason Bermas Dack Rouleau is the rare breed of front-line activist willing to step up and ask direct questions to the political establishment. As you will hear from Dack’s confrontational form of journalism that Jason Bermas highlights, politicians are more than hesitant to clarify their position on the persecution Julian Assange. […]

Iran has to take further remedial action by reducing JCPOA commitments

IRNA – Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday Iran has to take more remedial actions by reducing its commitments to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Shamkhani made the remarks in a meeting with his Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev. If the lack of commitments to the JCPOA continues […]

Change requires knowledge. Will you take action today?

For most of you reading this message, the danger of yesterday’s McCarthyite executive order from U.S. President Donald Trump is probably obvious. The edict implies American Jews are defined by a shared “national origin” or race, purportedly in order to combat anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses. But you and I–and regular readers of Mondoweiss–understand that […]

Full Moon In Gemini: Learning, Healing, & Inspired Action

We are having a Full Moon in Gemini on December 11th-12th, depending on your location. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th. The energies of the Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations still play a part […]

Knowledge Does Not Automatically Equal Awakening: Take Action on What You Know

December 11th, 2019 By Catherine Cates Guest Writer for Wake Up World Being awake or conscious does not mean having a lot of knowledge about the universe, manifesting, psychic phenomena etc. You may well have such knowledge, but that does not necessarily mean that you are awake. It’s great to know about universal laws, but […]

Journalist: Newsweek Suppressed OPCW Scandal And Threatened Me With Legal Action

By Caitlin Johnstone A Newsweek journalist has resigned after the publication reportedly suppressed his story about the ever-growing OPCW scandal, the revelation of immensely significant plot holes in the establishment Syria narrative that you can update yourself on by watching this short seven-minute video or this more detailed video here. “Yesterday I resigned from Newsweek after my attempts […]

Smartphone Class Action Lawsuits Consolidated. FCC Accredited Lab Confirms Models Exceed RF Safety Levels Up to 500%

By B.N. Frank In August the Chicago Tribune published a report that 11 smartphone models exceeded federal RF safety levels.  This led to FeganScott law firm starting a class action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung.  Consumers claim they were not adequately warned about radiation exposure risks from these devices.  In fact, no “safe” level of […]

France Shut Down by Nationwide Strike Action for Social Justice

On Thursday, hundreds of thousands of French workers, youths and others protested over former Rothschild banker/French President Macron’s pension reform scheme that’s all about further eroding social justice by slashing vital benefits. Most rail, other public transportation, and many flights shut down on day one of the largest French mass action against neoliberal harshness in […]

New Silk Roads in Action at China-Kazakh Border

We are cruising on a pristine, 380 km-long four-lane superhighway from Almaty to Khorgos – finished in 2016 for $1.25 billion, 85% of the cost covered by a World Bank loan. And then, suddenly, riding parallel to us, there’s the real superstar of New Silk Road connectivity. Meet Yuxinou, the container cargo train plying back […]

Failed Action On The Climate Crisis Makes Resistance Imperative

Failed Action On The Climate Crisis Makes Resistance Imperative Above: Activists march in a climate change rally in London, Britain, Sept. 20, 2019. From Reuters. On December 2, the 25th two-week long United Nations climate conference begins in Madrid, Spain. The stated task of the conference, referred to as COP 25 (Conference Of Parties), is […]

A snow leopard dies every day… but we can save them if we take urgent action

“Snow leopards are increasingly coming into contact and conflict with man and any approach to saving the species needs to take into account that they need their domains protected and villagers also need their livelihoods protected. We are working with them so they can exist in harmony,” Ms Galligan added.  Herders are taking sheep higher […]

Canada launches major class-action lawsuit against Monsanto’s Roundup & owner Bayer

According to the firm Diamond & Diamond, there are currently more than 60 individuals named as plaintiffs, but it says that thousands may have been affected. The plaintiffs involved in this class-action lawsuit are looking not only for financial compensation, but also for “behavior modification” so that the same thing doesn’t happen again […]

IRGC vows decisive action against rioters

Tasnim – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) warned of “decisive and revolutionary” action against any measure disrupting security in the wake of protests over a hike in the price of subsidized gasoline in Iran. In a statement on Monday, the IRGC praised the vigilant and insightful people of Iran who have separated their ways […]

Why Was An Action Making A Connection Between Militarism And Climate Chaos Subverted?

Why Was An Action Making A Connection Between Militarism And Climate Chaos Subverted? Above photo: Actress Jane Fonda marches during a climate rally outside US Capitol in Washington, DC on November 8, 2019. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images) I support the impeachment of Donald Trump for myriad reasons. And I dream that the Senate will convict this criminal. However, […]

More Democrats are talking about conditioning aid to Israel, but activists want to see some action in the Senate

The unofficial theme of last week’s J Street conference was conditioning military aid to Israel. The group’s president Jeremy Ben-Ami kicked off the festivities by declaring, “Our aid is not intended to be a blank check” and that set the tone going forward. The Democratic candidates who attended the liberal, pro-Israel nonprofit’s annual event were […]

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